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He admits he was there, but claims Derek was texting him about a life-and-death emergency. When he got there, Derek insisted he hadn't sent the texts and was freaking out about his run-in with Ethan. Alec says he tried to reason with Derek and told Derek to leave him out of his issues in the future. Rebeccannie: "So... why are you holding a tire iron?" Alec claims Derek was holding it first, and he disarmed him. Rebeccannie is dubious, to say the least, but Alec has already moved on. He wonders how anyone who might set him up would know about the tire iron in the first place since that information hasn't been released publicly. Rebeccannie notes the very relevant fact that Alec's prints must be all over the tire iron, which looks bad even if his cockamamie story is true. She asks him point-blank, "Did you kill Derek Rogers?" Because he's definitely going to answer that question fully and honestly IN PUBLIC in the middle of the day.

We're left hanging because we cut directly to the arraignment, where Rebeccannie is walking in with "Sutton" and talking like a nipped-and-tucked, live-action fortune cookie: "These things have a way of working themselves out. Sometimes you just have to be patient. Wait long enough, and your day will come." A bit later inside, Ethan stands to hear his fate. The judge announces the case has been dismissed for insufficient evidence. Cue gasps from the crowd. Dan tells Theresa, "I'm not sure how, but you did it." She glances across the room where Alec is glaring at her like, well, a homicidal maniac. She says, "I'm not so sure about that, Dan. Not so sure at all." In the benches, Rebeccannie tells "Sutton" that "sometimes an older person knows best." Emma doesn't care that that makes no sense because all she wants to do is hug Ethan and welcome him back to freedom. When she looks to him, though, he casts a cold glance back. He walks past her without a word.

That night, Kristin consoles "Sutton" after Ethan's brush-off. She leaves the room, giving Sutton an opportunity to walk in and startle Emma. Oh, but that's just the start. She is taking this moment of vulnerability to drop the bomb that she and Ethan kissed at the reservation -- only, in her version, Ethan was the one making the moves. Moves that included sweet, sweet lovemaking. She looks at Emma condescendingly and says, "I was really hoping we could get past this. After all... we're sisters!" Yeah, there's a term for what's about to happen: Sororicide.

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