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The Lake Effect
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Previously: Twinanigans! In a half-baked ruse to discover their long-lost mother, Emma Becker took over long-lost twin sister's Sutton Mercer's life while Sutton jetted off to California. Unfortunately, while Sutton was sleuthing, Emma was canoodling with Sutton's boyfriend. Sutton managed to discover the twins' biological mother and Emma's burnt-out childhood home. She even had a dalliance with Emma's real life back in Las Vegas. It involved a jacket that looked like Elmo's carcass (remember that?). Annnnyway, she headed back home, only to discover pretty much everyone unwittingly likes Emma way more than her, including the aforementioned Ethan. She was heading back into Phoenix to explode the whole operation (at her 17th birthday celebration for maximum drama, of course) when she was overtaken by a shadowy figure and drove the Mercers' car into a lake.

We rejoin Sutton's 17th birthday party at the club, right after Emma nearly blew the whole operation, and then ran outside to track down a shadowy figure. (Yep, it's just that kind of night.) Instead of Sutton -- whom she expected to see -- Emma is met with a woman who Kristin identifies, with much surprise, as Annie Sewell. To my great surprise, it's Cordelia Chase (Charisma Carpenter)! Kristin is as loopily oblivious as ever, all, "Wow, that's such a coincidence that you've shown up since everyone has been independently obsessing about you for the last several weeks!" Ohhhhh, Kristin.

Annie wonders who this young girl is, who may or may not look just like her, so Kristin makes the introductions between Annie and "Sutton." Annie corrects Kristin, saying she has gone by Rebecca since she left Phoenix. As Emma continues to stand there, gawping, stunned, and generally looking like a wet dog (because of the rain, you'll recall), Rebeccannie explains that she's not crashing because Char invited her. As Kristin begins to escort her inside, Rebeccannie stops short to wish "Sutton" a happy birthday, then adds, "I caught a little of your speech. It was... very stirring." Only Jan. 2, and we already have a contender for The Understatement of the Year, ladies and gents. Kristin hilariously admits, "It was a little confusing..." "Sutton" chokingly tells her they'll talk about it later.

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