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O Twin, Where Art Thou?

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The Lake Effect

Outside, Ted catches up with Rebeccannie and tells her it's "remarkable how much [she's] changed." They have an elliptical conversation about keeping "everything that happened" in the past. She insists she doesn't want anything from them and tells him to deliver that message to Alec.

Inside, Ethan and Thayer are still poking each other with sticks when Mads asks "Sutton" to come with her to check on Char. As Emma heads over, Thayer says he's realizing that everyone in Phoenix has become like family to Emma. Ethan adds, "And maybe she cares about them more than Sutton ever did."

Across the room, Char is freaking out that her mom is driving drunk and her family's falling apart. She wants to leave the party to check on her. Emma tries to use this as her escape, but Mads says she's got this one. Laurel walks up, and they head out. Laurel says she's going to stop complaining so much about the Mercers. Justin stops by to take Laurel to the floor for last dance. Out there, Laurel insists that Ted will warm to him soon.

Ted carries the presents out to the lobby, where Rebeccannie offers to help them. She assures the Mercers that Phyllis, and their relationship, will be fine. Laurel heads out to try to beg for some extra time at Justin's little love shack, but Ted is having none of it. He introduces her to Rebeccannie, and then they head to the car. As Rebeccannie watches the family go with a calculating look on her face, Alec slithers up to Rebecca's side and gives her one of his patented creepy greetings. They rehash her conversation with Ted, though Rebeccannie thinks Alec is still suspicious of her. He claims he doesn't have a suspicious bone in his body, and she laughs at what a bullshit artist he is. She assures him that she doesn't want to stir up any trouble, at which point her car arrives, and she makes a quick exit. Not before Alec growls "Rebecca" one more time for good measure.

Ethan drives Emma home, where they find Ethan's brother Dan questioning Ted and Kristin about their missing car -- the same one that Sutton drove into the lake. Emma does a fairly unconvincing job of covering up before excusing herself to "walk Ethan out," a.k.a. freak the frick out. She wonders if it's a good thing the police are looking for a car that, as far as they know, Sutton may still be tooling around town in. Ethan isn't sure but offers to sleep out at the cabin that night to see if she turns up. He gives her one last kiss and wishes her happy birthday. She tells him to be careful.

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Lying Game




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