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After he heads out, Laurel -- with a mischievous look on her face -- stops "Sutton" in the hallway. She reminds her that Sutton used to take out the same car all the time for joy rides before she had a license. "Sutton" insists she didn't take the car, and Laurel tells her, "You used to be a much better liar."

The next day, Ethan returns home as Dan leaves for work. He assumes Ethan was somehow behind the disappearance of the Mercers' car, particularly since he was out all night. Ethan insists he wasn't but asks a question about whether Dan turned up any bodies during his overnight shift that's meant to sound offhand but comes out more than a little suspicious. They exchange tense looks as Ethan tries to breeze past him, but Dan tells him that the more involved he gets with "Sutton," the worse it will be for him. If anything goes awry, it'll be Ethan's life on the line. Ethan thinks Dan is just skeptical about people with money and begrudges Ethan's ability to let people into his life, but Dan holds his line that Ethan is the only one who stands to lose anything from his relationship with "Sutton."

Mercer house. Kristin is still jabbering away about how exciting it was to see Rebeccannie again. To her credit, she did pick up on the fact that Ted didn't have such a warm response to the prodigal sister and says, "All that crazy stuff you and Alec did in high school. I wonder how many other people you drove out of town." He snaps, "We didn't drive anybody out of town." She tells him to lighten up, it was a joke. Kristin patters a little more about how it's funny that they were just talking about Rebeccannie when Emma enters the kitchen. Ted makes mention of the missing car, and Laurel watches as Emma issues a tell-tale grimace.

Ted leaves for work, and Emma makes for the door, but Kristin asks what was the deal with her weirdo speech the night before. Emma says she didn't think it through and uncomfortably laughs that she'll write something down next time. Her phone buzzes: a text from Mads that Char's mom got a DUI. Emma rushes over to Char's house to find that Rebeccannie is also there and is taking over the legal fallout of Phyllis's drinking and driving. As Char runs to get her bag, Rebeccannie asks how long this has been going on. The girls admit it's been going on as long as they can remember. Rebeccannie promises to help out moving forward, then says mysteriously, "I think I've got a good idea how," and excuses herself. Are Alec's ears burning? Methinks so.

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Lying Game




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