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The Lake Effect

That afternoon, Ethan confronts Thayer at the club. Thayer claims he just "posited a theory" to Emma. Ethan responds with the most unintentionally awesome comeback ever: "Posit it to my face, why don't you?" Ha! As Thayer is very publicly, not very quietly talking about Ethan's motives and his tardiness to the party, Alec overhears them and breaks up the altercation. He sends Ethan back to work and advises Thayer, "Sutton's a road you never want to go down. Ever."

That night, Mads likewise advises Thayer to abandon any hope of getting together with Sutton. He says there's more to it than just jealousy over Ethan. He says he has evidence on Ethan and would be crazy not to bring it forward.

We don't find out what it is, though, because we cut to Sutton's room, where Ethan has come to set Emma straight. He knocks on the door, and she waits a good long while before opening the door for him. He says he didn't let her tell the truth at the lake because he didn't want to lose her when the family turned on her and things inevitably fell apart. She promises him that won't happen, and then goes in for a kiss. Two things: 1.) Shot! 2.) This is getting ridiculo-creepy, like when teenager lovers murder their parents, then go back to some dirty trailer park and get it on. (I wrote stories about insane crap like that for 18 months. It happens.) Point is, even if they neither of them actually committed the crime, they are straight-up aiding and abetting right now. It's one thing when Sutton's tucked away in the loony bin. But missing from a car that was pulled out of a river? That's when the jig is up, kids. So stop kissing already! It's gross and inappropriate.

Out in the living room, Kristin fears that "Sutton's" recent shenanigans are going to affect her college prospects. Ted half-heartedly claims he's listening, but really he's holding Laurel's bracelet. He turns around and lies, "Found it!" Just then, Laurel bursts into Justin's apartment and admits she lost the bracelet. He's eerily silent, though he does get a little chattier when he realizes that she told the family that it was his mother's. He explains that his mother was wearing the bracelet the day she died. The doctors gave it to him as they told him his parents were gone. He says he's spent his whole life trying to make it right, but Laurel says forlornly, "You can't." Way to cheer up your boyfriend, jerk.

Back at the club, Rebeccannie lingers in the bushes while Alec blusters about catching bad guys or some nonsense. He catches sight of her and tells his friends he'll meet them later so he can head over and speak to her. As he starting to turn toward her, Thayer strides up to spill about "Sutton" and the missing car, but Alec tells him to let the Mercers handle Sutton and give Ethan enough rope to hang himself. As they're talking, Rebeccannie starts to walk off. Alec wraps up with Thayer, who gets a text from Emma telling him to come over. Alec catches up with Rebeccannie, who has asked to speak with him. Alec thinks it about Phyllis. Rebecca says it's actually about Ted. Alec: "Of course it is." Is anyone else starting to think the writers were high when they drafted this episode? Because you'd have to be to sift meaning out of all these statements of certainty with absolutely zero underpinning.

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