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Meanwhile, Thayer makes his way over to the Mercer house. He comes in all frantic, asking, "Is it Ethan? What has he done." Of course Ethan emerges from Sutton's closet to say he's done nothing. Emma tells the two guys they need to put it back in their pants and start working together if they have any hope of ever finding Sutton. Thayer thinks he's the only one on Sutton's side at this point. Before the other two can answer that charge, Kristin brings in what appears to be a belated birthday present. She wants to take the opportunity to talk to "Sutton" about her future, but she says she's too tired and basically brushes Kristin off. Kristin, as usual, takes it.

After she leaves, the guys come back out. Emma sets down the present casually, but Thayer picks it up. He says cryptically, "White paper, black bow, no card," as if that means something to anyone but him. When Emma is appropriately flummoxed, he urgently insists she open it that very minute. Inside, she finds a swatch from the dress Sutton was wearing the night of her party inside. There's a note attached: "Keep on being Sutton... or you're next."

Next week: No one can be trusted. So nothing new, eh?

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