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We Were the Queens and Kings of Promise
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Previously: Secrets (between Alec and Ted), lies (Mads' fib that she is dating Eduardo), hook-ups (Laurel and Jeremy, almost Emma and Ethan, and nearly Thayer and Sutton) and revelations (the girls' birth mother is named Annie Hobbs).

Kristin and Phyllis (Laurel's mom) walk through the halls of Arroyo after putting together this year's Homecoming King and Queen voting stand. They see a poster of Nisha, who is running for Queen. "I wish Char would run," says Phyllis, adding with an edge, "she certainly has the time now." That comment slides right over Kristin's head because... well... doesn't everything?

In the gym, Emma turns on the lights and with them all the glittering, disco ball-y goodness of what will be the dance's decorations. She walks into the room and spins around like a ninny. Ethan eventually happens upon this scene and cuts her off, though he doesn't actively try to embarrass her, which makes him 100 percent nicer than me. He wonders why she's so enthralled by all this stuff -- didn't they have dances at her old school? She says she was never invited. He finds this hard to believe. She says she's assuming he's not really the school dance kind of guy, which he confirms. She says it's probably for the best since school dances are lame anyway, but he calls the bluff. Emma has to remind herself that she's inhabiting someone else's life. What would Sutton want?

Cut to the Mercers' house, where Kristin announces, "You are going to make a beautiful Homecoming Queen." Emma seems confused, which, again, goes over Kristin's head. She advises her to get it together and get her posters up ASAP so Nisha doesn't steal the race out from under her. Emma notices Kristin is looking through an old photo album. Kristin explains that the school asked for photos from past dances. Of course Kristin she was Homecoming Queen in her day. She flips the page to an absurd picture of Ted and Alec sporting some seriously wrong hairdos (think Hall & Oates). She flips the page again to reveal a picture of Ted holding Sutton when she was only two days old. Emma looks longingly at the photo.

In California, it has been raining for days, and Thayer's roof leaks. Sutton emerges from the shower in a towel and sits down gingerly next to Thayer, her best friend's older brother, on the couch. As teenage girls do? He tells her he found 523 U.S. listings for Annie Hobbs last night when he couldn't sleep. He's complaining like this is an impossible number, but to me, frankly, it seems like a low estimate for such a common name. Either way, he plans to cross-reference the name with DMV records and hopefully come across a picture that looks familiar. Sutton tells him to start in Nevada since Emma was living there last. Sutton heads back to the bathroom. And, as they say, Thayer hates to see her go but loves to watch her leave.

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Lying Game




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