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We Were the Queens and Kings of Promise

Back in Cali, Thayer has come up empty-handed in his searches of Nevada and Utah. Sutton worries Annie is hiding and thinks it's might be time to return to Phoenix. Thayer tells her to hold out hope, besides, he says, it's not like he's got anything else going for him. Sutton hears the doubt in his voice and walks up to him to give him a pep talk about how wonderful, smart and dedicated he is. She tells him she would have given up long ago without him and taps him playfully on the chest to emphasize her point. Emboldened by her praise, he goes in for a kiss. She doesn't instinctively pull back, which is a good sign, but she's obviously confused. Just as she's trying to figure out how to respond, the power goes out, and Thayer excuses himself to find the circuit breaker.

Phoenix. Emma tells Ethan she's worried dropping out of the race is a mistake. Ethan confirms that Sutton would never think of doing such a thing. Emma wonders if she should call Sutton for guidance. "Every day I am here," she says, "it's like I'm losing a little piece of myself." Ethan assures her she's not, that she'll never be Sutton. She takes it as a slight, but he says it's not necessarily a bad thing. The words hang between them until Ethan finally looks down to break the sexual tension. He is impressed by a picture she's sketched of the canyon. Emma says she's always been able to draw. Suddenly it strikes her that Annie is probably also an artist since she signed the mural at the house in Fillmore.

That night, Mads approaches Eduardo after class, but he quickly shushes her since Alec is watching them. Outside the room, Nisha approaches Alec to make small talk. By which I mean to mercilessly insinuate that Mads and Eduardo are having an affair. The moment she "accidentally" mentions some "rumors" and piques Alec's interest, she high tails it off with an evil smile on her face. Mads comes out, and Alec casually mentions that Nisha had heard some rumors. Mads insists Eduardo is a perfect gentleman, to which Alec responds, "Honey, in my experience, there is no such thing as a perfect gentleman." Then again, Alec's day-to-day experience involves possible black market baby dealings, blackmailing hooligans to engage in thievery and hiding people in hospital facilities...

Whitehorse residence. Dan invites Ethan to sit down for a steak dinner with him so he can apologize for believing Ethan was a thief. He says he should have known that the Mercer girls were trouble since he was "almost suspended without pay last year because of one of Sutton's little lying games." Ethan defends "Sutton," saying she's different now, more caring about her family and about him. Dan points out that Sutton is still hiding him from her friends: "Girls like Sutton, you can park their cars. You just can't date 'em."

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Lying Game




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