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We Were the Queens and Kings of Promise

Outside, Laurel is having a mini-panic attack at realizing that she is suddenly a factor. Last year, she says, she was just a smart dork. Now she's the Homecoming King's girlfriend. Justin tells her she deserves all of it, but Laurel worries anything this good has to end. Justin promises her he's not going anywhere and perches his crown on her head. He says she's the best thing to happen to him in Phoenix and swears not to let her go. He takes her in his arms. The camera pans around, and homeboy is sporting a seriously anxious face. What is he hiding?

Back inside, Alec tells laptop thief Derek he has another job for him. Derek is reluctantly begging off when Alec's phone rings. Without another word, he excuses himself.

Across the floor, Char is anger-eating about Sutton's secret relationship with Ethan. Mads can't believe it: "And after I confided in her about Eduardo! Eventually." Oh can it, sister. Emma approaches them cheerfully with Ethan in tow. They meet the couple with icy stares. Ethan notes the disapproval and excuses himself. The girls give "Sutton" the third degree about her relationship with Ethan, whom Char deems worthy of sneaking around with as opposed to legit dating. "Sutton" admits the relationship has been going on for nearly a year. Just as Char blurts out, "What is with all the secrets around here?!" Alec approaches and asks to have a moment with Mads. He shows her his phone. Nisha has texted him the picture she took of Mads kissing Eduardo. Mads tries to obscure, explain... do anything that will diffuse this situation. Alec asks if Eduardo was in the house when he arrived home the other morning. Mads admits he was, and Alec leaves bitterly.

In California, Sutton sees a pictorial blow-by-blow of the dance online, including pictures of Ethan kissing Emma. She slams the computer closed as Thayer walks in. He's obviously annoyed that she's been giving him the cold shoulder since he tried to kiss her and snatches up his keys to leave the house. She tells him to stay, then positively lunges at him. He pulls back and asks if she's sure. She gives him a devilish look, and he's all, "Why did I even ask you that? Let's do this." And so they go at it like rabid animals.

Later, Emma puts her phone with a picture of her in the crown side by side with the snapshot of Kristin in her crowning moment. As she closes the book, she notices that one of them has been roughly ripped out.

Meanwhile, Alec lurks into the dance studio while Eduardo has an impromptu breakin' battle against the mirror. Alec slams the door, and Eduardo immediately rears back to defend himself against Alec's assumptions and allegations. Alec says he knows nothing happened. He's here on a different mission. Before he can lay it out, there's a banging on the studio door. Alec opens it up to see Mads. He brusquely tells her to go home and shuts the door in her face.

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Lying Game




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