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We get a running start, literally, in meeting Emma Becker, who looks like she could be the genetic hybrid of Sarah Michelle Gellar, but with the delivery of Julie Bowen. She comes home from her morning jog and immediately strips down to her sports bra. All of which is taken in with relish by her pervy foster brother Travis. Emma gets on her computer and Skypes her twin sister, Sutton Mercer. They just learned about each other three months prior. Emma is chomping at the bit to meet Sutton in person, but Sutton insists they should wait until she finds their biological parents. She's been searching for a while, which is how she found Emma. Emma casually mentions that Sutton's adoptive parents sound really cool. Apparently it's a touchy topic because Sutton flies off the handle about how they're liars who betrayed her. She calms down and puts on a happy face. Emma pushes her twin back to non-crazy by telling her, "Hope is grief's best music." Does that make any effing sense? I suspect it will be important, so I looked it up. Naturally, it is attributed to "Anonymous." Damn you, ABC Family for vexing me so soon! Emma's brother barges into the room, and Emma shuts her computer violently. Guess they've been keeping their relationship a little secret. Credits: Sexy twins in bikinis, lounging in the pool. They interlace hands, fall of their rafts, then swim to each other. It's no match for the Pretty Little Liars intro, but I guess there is only so much dead-on (har har) credit music to go around.

The doorbell rings. It's Sutton's boyfriend Luke. Sutton's adoptive sister Laurel answers the door and immediately lets us know that she's a real wiseacre by snarking that Sutton died on a tragic barge accident. Apparently she also has a crush on Luke because she offers up her services as a replacement Mercer. Mrs. Kristin Mercer (Helen Slater!) tells Laurel to knock it off and invites Luke inside. He asks politely about the Mercers' recent trip to Paris. Kristin said it was lovely, though she's bummed Sutton is begging off a trip to the museum that day to spend time with Luke. Insert what I'm sure is going to become a regular dosage of Laurel snark. Should I just start calling her Snarkel now? For her part, Sutton gives as good as she gets, though she's more on the bitchy side. As such, she immediately shoves Luke out of the house. You can tell this rejection hits Kristin hard, but her husband Ted tells her this attitude is a natural phenomenon. Outside, Luke wonders why Sutton's been acting strangely. She tells him she has some things she needs to work out on her own and brushes him off for time with her besties.

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