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It Fakes Two

Emma arrives at her new home and cautiously inspects every inch as she heads inside. She stumbles upon Kristin and Laurel, who settle into their normal banter completely oblivious to Emma's confounded expression. Laurel does give a slight look askance when "Sutton" isn't a complete bitch to her. Also, Kristin notes that Sutton has misplaced her grandmother's necklace, a favorite that she never took off, so that's going to have reverberations to come, no doubt. When "Sutton" volunteers to take some shirts to the dry cleaners, even Ted asks facetiously, "Who are you, and what have you done with my daughter." Emma freezes like a deer in the headlights, undoubtedly making a mental note to the effect of, "Be more of a hag."

Emma sequesters herself to Sutton's room and immediately goes straight to Sutton's computer, where her doppelganger has left all the keys to unlock her privileged life. Once she trolls Facebook for relevant information, she sets herself up in front of Sutton's full-length mirror to practice the banter she'll use on Char, Mads, and, of course, Luke. Laurel barges in on this scene, and Emma tries to play it off in that wildly unnatural manner that anyone who's just been caught is wont to do. They head out to the car and Emma covers for her ignorance by tossing the keys over to Laurel. Laurel knows something's up but is so thrilled even to get to ride in the Beemer, that she lets it go.

The girls arrive at Char's house. Emma timidly takes off her cover-up and tip-toes toward Luke. Before she can really blow it, her phone rings. Sutton is calling from L.A. Emma panics when Luke asks who's calling and tells Sutton to call her back later. Sutton reminds her, "Remember: Two days, the cabin." Emma hangs up and asks Luke a bunch of questions "they" already went over the night before. He doesn't sweat it, though, and Sutton covers nicely with her girls, saying things are "complicated." Emma can't believe she is pulling this off.

As the day wears on, the girls' classmate Nisha Randall strolls into Char's house imperiously and invites them all to a senior party she's having at her house. It's obvious she's not welcome, but that only feeds her bloodlust. Nisha saunters over to Sutton/Emma and harasses her about some sort of sporting accident Sutton had (or may have faked) the year before. She throws down a challenge, and Emma, figuring that Sutton's not one to back down from some wench's challenge, takes it -- having no idea what she's getting herself into, mind you. Luckily, her cluelessness reads as nonchalance, and so the face-off (whatever it may be) is set for the next day at practice (whatever that may be). Emma stands up and heads over to Luke. He commends her for standing up to Nisha, though she's too busy checking out the motorcycle riding stud in the distance (a.k.a. Ausscar from 90210).

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Lying Game




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