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That night, "Sutton" asks Laurel if their parents ever talk about her adoption. Laurel has a boulder-sized chip on her shoulder because Kristin and Ted were always emphasizing how special Sutton is because she was chosen, which implicitly makes Laurel, who was a surprise, feel unwanted and unspecial. Laurel brings up a conversation she and Sutton had on the plane, in which Sutton wondered "Who has a child and just gives it away?" Laurel thinks she knows what's going on, but she doesn't know the half of it -- quite literally. She jabs Sutton, "I can imagine whoever it was could see into the future and knew what a nightmare you'd turn out to be..." Emma takes it with a wincing laugh, then her phone rings as Laurel walks out the door. Laurel notes the different ring tone, though she doesn't know that it's because she's hearing Emma's phone ringing. Emma listens to her voicemail. It's Travis telling her that Clarice is pressing charges for assault. As she hangs up, a shadowy figure crosses her window.

She goes to check it out and is spotted by Sutton's dad. She heads inside to talk to him. He says she's been acting different since she got back. You think? He's not weirded out by it, though. He thinks the change is refreshing. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Real Sutton. They talk abstractly about family, her yearning for it palpable. He senses that she wants a hug, but puts it out there cautiously. She cautiously makes it known she'd like one. They embrace, and Emma feels wanted for the first time. He tells her to get some sleep because she has a big day tomorrow. Ominous and highly confusing words, those are. Man, Sutton really was the worst tour guide, wasn't she?

The next morning, Laurel wakes up Emma with a swift pillow to the face. It's the first day of school. She tells her to get dressed, then adopts a snooty tone: "The whole school is going to be dying to see what Sutton Mercer is wearing." Emma stumbles over to Sutton's closet, which, I will note, may actually be bigger than my apartment. Sadly, it doesn't have a rotating rack like Cher's in Clueless. Then again, who needs a rotating rack when you could house the entire population of Liechtenstein in your closet?

Downstairs, Emma chows down on Kristin's homemade pancakes, much to the Mercers' surprise. She pauses before heading out to look at pictures of Sutton as a baby. Kristin walks over and mentions what a fussy, defiant baby Sutton was. Emma blurts out, "Did you guys want one baby or two?" Kristin and Ted exchange a strained look, so Emma backtracks, asking, "Was I supposed to be an only child?" Kristin says she was and confirms that Laurel was a surprise. Emma says callously, "Just like that, you had a complete family." This hurts Kristin, and she quickly leaves the room. Ted follows after, leaving Emma alone to stew in her remorse.

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Lying Game




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