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A bit later, the girls arrive at school. "Sutton" admits that her life could have been a lot worse, drawing on Emma's knowledge of how crappy the foster care system can be. As they walk and talk, a Scottsdale police cruise pulls up. Out comes the motorcycle hunk from yesterday, who Laurel explains is Ethan Whitehorse, a troublemaker who ironically has a cop for a brother. She excuses herself to class, and a strange look passes between Emma and Ethan.

Emma heads inside, where Char expositionally mentions how weird it is their parents all went to high school together -- especially since they're not on good terms these days. "Unlike us," she chirps, "friends for life!" Later that afternoon, Emma has lunch with Luke. She wonders why everyone is staring at them, and he fills her in that the gossip mill has been churning re: their relationship. He asks her point-blank, "So... are we still a couple?" He worries that she takes him for granted. Emma goes off the cuff, mustering her most earnest delivery to tell Luke that she appreciates him and would never take him for granted. He happily leads her away to the school auditorium and kisses her passionately, yet gently. Emma does nothing to stop him. He says that he's glad she's back, but he worries there's something she's not telling him. She deflects, saying he can tell her something: "How the hell am I going to survive against Nisha today?" He laughs and tells her to make the most of her backhand.

Alas, it's not a bitchslap fight, it's a tennis match. That's convenient, since Emma was doing all that garage door pounding and Travis pummeling. As such, she holds her own against Nisha as Luke, her friends, and Ethan look on. Eventually, she summons all her strength and makes the winning shot, giving Nisha a gleefully bitchy look as she walks off the court. A bit later, she is leaving school and sees Ethan leaning Catalano-like against a column. Showing that she's taking her role as Sutton a little too seriously, she turns around, marches up to Ethan, and accuses him of stalking her. He blows her off. And yet, when she asks if it was him outside her window the night before, he says, "Of course it was." She's totally tapping that. She gets to the car, where Laurel reminds her that she's left her gym bag on the tennis court. She heads back to get an eyeful of Luke and Nisha making out. So let me get this straight: He took his girlfriend to a shadowy theater wing for smoochies, but isn't afraid to hook up with her arch nemeses in the broad daylight? Brilliant, Luke. Just brilliant.

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Lying Game




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