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She heads home to talk it over with Kristin. The conversation turns to what exactly constitutes lying. Emma classifies omission as lying, but -- hoping her words will strike a chord with Kristin -- says it's possible to forgive people for lying. Indeed they do, though Kristin sticks to her talking points about how she and Ted chose Sutton, which is all that matters. Emma, guilty on behalf of Sutton, apologizes for her (Sutton's) behavior that summer and makes it clear that she (Sutton) loves the Mercers more than she can ever show.

That night, Emma and Laurel get ready for Nisha's party. Emma wistfully thinks aloud, "What's the point? At 10 PM, it's all over..." Laurel wonders what she's on about, and Emma nearly comes out with the truth. Just as she's about to spill, Char and Mads come in and harangue "Sutton" for not being dressed yet. Char, in particular, is delighting in the potential for fireworks between Sutton and Nisha after that afternoon's tennis match. Emma smilingly tells them they're amazing, which prompts Mads to tease, "You're really scaring me, Sutton." Emma tells her girls to pick something out of her closet.

They decide on a tight plastic garbage bag with a mesh, biased shoulder neckline. I'm sure it's hot in their teenage minds, but I think there's an element of subconscious payback in that dress. "Sutton" tosses her hair as the ladies strut into the party like they're on a catwalk. Nisha, of course, sends a look of disdain-cum-utter-jealousy their way. Luke approaches and gets pissy that "Sutton" is giving him the cold shoulder. She says vaguely, yet pointedly, that she's having trouble trusting him at the moment, then walks off in a huff. He runs after her, so she calls him out for his tennis court spit-swap with Nisha. As Luke sputters about feeling ignored and breaking things off, Nisha intervenes to make "Sutton" feel even worse than she already does. Emma tells her off for being a nasty bitch, so Nisha strikes below the belt. She shames her for being adopted, saying cruelly, "Even your own mother didn't want you." Then, BLAM! Nisha gets a taste of that forehand Travis is probably still feeling back at Casa Becker. And she. Goes. Down.

Emma stomps out and heads to her car. Ethan jumps in her car and kisses her passionately. After a solid 10 seconds, he pulls away and says, "I knew it. You're not Sutton." She jumps out of the car. He asks her one make-or-break question: "Who is Sutton's boyfriend." Wrong-o, says Ethan. Apparently he is Sutton's boyfriend... and has been for more than a year. Emma takes this in stone-faced, even as Ethan says she doesn't kiss like Sutton. He wants to know where the real Sutton is, but she stands by the lie, gets in her car, and drives off.

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Lying Game




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