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She reaches the cabin some time later and walks up to find it completely dark and uninhabited. As all smart, beautiful girls do, she walks around the house yelling out Sutton's name in the pitch-black darkness. A car pulls up outside. Emma finds Sutton's grandmother's necklace abandoned inside the house. Feet walk toward the house. Emma hears the door opening and runs toward the noise (again, smart!). She yelps out, "Sutton?" and is met with a blinding flashlight to the face. It's Ethan. The jig is up. He threatens to tell the Mercers or his cop brother. She gives him the rough outline of Sutton's scheme, and they try to work out exactly what Sutton is up to. They guess they're the only people who know she's looking for her birth parents. He asks what it's like to be Sutton, and Emma goes over the lowlights of her very confusing past few days. Even though Sutton said everything was on her computer, Emma's still as clueless as ever. Since Sutton is nowhere to be found, Ethan says whatever she's doing must be important. He thinks Emma should keep up the ruse until she gets back.

Later, Emma arrives at the Mercers' to find Ethan's brother taking statements from Sutton's parents, Laurel, and Mads. Ted tells "Sutton" that her room was broken into. They take "Sutton" in to check if anything's missing. The only thing she can say for sure is the laptop. Ethan's brother knows from Mads that "Sutton" left the party early and asks suspiciously, "Where were you, Sutton?" Kristin gives her a tight, scared hug and asks, "What would I ever do without my Sutton?" Meanwhile, Sutton sits in a car near the Santa Monica pier. Someone enters through the passenger door, and all we hear is a choked gasp.

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Lying Game




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