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Frenemies with Benefits

The only person who does believe her is Emma, who is, ironically, probably the person she would be most prepared to screw over. Then again, this is Sutton, so that dubious honor has stiff competition. Emma wants to go on faith with Sutton, but Ethan notes that there is zero hard evidence to support her fantastical story. To be fair to Emma, she has a pretty strong reason to buy into Sutton's story -- namely, her life. If she is blasé about this whole affair, it could mean her life is at risk. While they figure out how much energy to devote to this intrigue, she wonders what to do about Sutton. Ethan notes that obviously Sutton can't stay at the Mercers'. Emma thinks that naturally she must be hiding at the Rybaks' with Thayer, but Ethan sheepishly admits that he let it slip that Dan is out of town on a fishing trip. So Emma's twinemesis -- the person who Ethan was, for lack of a better word, banging in the first place -- is now staying at Emma's boyfriend's super-crowded mobile home? You can imagine how enthusiastic Emma is about this development.

Whitehorse residence. Sutton emerges from the shower and coquettishly says she hopes Ethan doesn't mind her using his robe. He says he wouldn't and that she's borrowing Dan's. He makes it clear that she's only welcome for a few nights, but she's hung upon the fact that, given their previous relationship, it's the first time she's been to his home. He tells her coldly that, given their previous relationship, there's nothing surprising about that at all. In other words, "You're a cold, hard bitch. Goodnight now!"

The next morning, Sutton smells breakfast cooking and expects to find Ethan there. Instead, she finds Thayer and is visibly disheartened. He shows her all the supplies he's brought so she can survive for the next few days. She tries to make amends for how they left off in L.A., but he can tell she's just trying to placate him and cuts her off at the pass. The fact that he has deep, desperate feelings for her doesn't change the fact that he can see what a manipulative, calculating hussy. She tries to apologize for using him to get back at Ethan, but the fact that she refers to their sleeping together as a "mistake" certainly does not help. Thayer tells her it's too late to apologize but admits that she hasn't fully lost him... yet.

Meanwhile, Ted and Alec return to the Mercer manse to find Rebeccannie and Kristin organizing the ballet benefit. It seems Rebeccannie's former job as a music exec will be essential to the planning of this particular event. Rebeccannie steps aside to take a call and, in the process, notices Laurel strumming on what appears to be a violin and singing her little broken heart out. Suddenly, Laurel has a talent other than being snarky and putting out? Wow, that's convenient!

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