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Frenemies with Benefits

Benefit. Halliwell tries to convince Mads he's changed since their first impression. She asks, "Didn't you just get expelled for putting a shark in a swimming pool?" Yadda, yadda, yadda. They're hooking up within three episodes.

The Mercer girls arrive, and Laurel continues to down in the dumps. She sees Justin flirting with another girl and does a 180 to get out of there as quickly as possible. "Sutton" tells her not to be defeated, to wait and see how things play out.

Back at the Mercers', Sutton is totally lying low. And by "lying low" I mean putting on a sequin minidress and a full face of makeup. She hears a sound somewhere in the house and sticks her head outside of the room to inspect. When she sees an ominous shadow approaching, she scampers to the exit but isn't smart enough to realize the sliding door outside of the room she's lived in for 17 years is glass. She bangs her head on said door, curses, then runs outside as the encroaching shadow advances.

Rebeccannie takes refuge from a frisky waiter at the benefit by seeking out Laurel. Or at least that's what she claims. She quickly advances her actual agenda by moving the conversation to Laurel's hidden musical ability. Laurel admits she has stage fright. Rebeccannie calls her "selfish" for keeping her talent to herself, then adds a chummy, "Just sayin'..."

Meanwhile, Emma and Ethan hear the chirp of Thayer's phone as Sutton text him to come join her outside the party. Cut to her standing just outside the party in a damn disco ball of a dress being totes discreet. (Ugh, she really is the worst.) Thayer rushes outside to attend to her, and she fills him in on the potentially threatening presence at the Mercer homestead. As he's pushing her toward his car, Kristin sees them and asks what Sutton is doing outside the party. She wonders if Sutton has been drinking. Sutton and Thayer can't lie to save their lives (literally), and Kristin tells her to turn around to assure her everything's okay. Despite the fact that Sutton has bangs explicitly designed to hide her Harry Potter-like forehead gash, in this one, windy moment, she turns around the reveal it in all its bloody glory. Wasn't Actual Sutton supposed to be a good liar?

A bit later, Ted is fixing up the laceration as Sutton makes a cockamamie story about tripping in the club parking lot. She quickly excuses herself so she and Thayer can tell Emma that the jig is up. Neither of them is even pretending not to be smug about this turn of events. They change clothes.

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Lying Game




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