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Frenemies with Benefits

Back inside, Rebeccannie finds Alec cleaning up the party. She tells him they've hired people for that and also notes that "The Alec Rybak I knew in high school was a lot better at making messes than cleaning them up." He tells her he's spent most of his adult life cleaning up others' messes. He sees this as some chance to right the wrongs he has done by her in the past, but she is cagey and doesn't want to dredge up the past. She distracts him from his mission by leading with her boobs and coyly telling him they have the chance to start fresh. He seems to go for it, but who knows where the pieces are landing in this strange and creepy game of chess those two are playing.

Mercer house. Kristin plops a plate of white velvet cake down in front of Sutton as she and Ted talk about the night's events. On the outside, Emma looks in before walking away like the cast-out ragamuffin she was, is and forever will be.

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Lying Game




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