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Previously: Sutton was back in town for about two seconds before everyone else had to deal with the consequences, including but not limited to Mads getting caught lying to Alec, Derek dying, and Ethan being forced to go on the lam for the aforementioned crime (that he didn't commit).

Ethan and Sutton pull up to his family's reservation home and, hey, it's Billy Black! Tonight Billy will be playing the role of Ethan's father.

Phoenix police station. Dan takes "Sutton" into the interrogation room, assuring her that he believes Ethan is innocent, telling her not to contact Ethan under any condition, and advising her to be completely honest about what she and Ethan went through the night of Derek's death. Honesty is the only thing that could save Ethan, he tells her. Only problem? Sutton was there, not "Sutton" (a.k.a. Emma). Honesty is going to be a little tricky in this instance. The detective on the case comes in and turns on a camcorder while Emma tries to keep her heart from escaping her chest. Credits.

Outside, Derek's mom recognizes Thayer from the day before. He says he was just concerned about Derek and checking on him. Alec swoops in before things can get too heated and tells the deputy to escort Mrs. Rogers to her car and hands out his card to pacify her. When she's out of earshot, Alec is all, "What the hell, Thayer?" Thayer keeps his lie simple, and Alec says he hopes his son has nothing to do with this mess. Meanwhile, shouldn't he know? Alec is, if not the actual killer, the vortex of all shady happenings in this town.

Interrogation room. Emma, bless her, has not realized that lawyering up is the best and only way to handle this onslaught of questions. For all Sutton's deception and haggery, she would have made that call immediately. Emma tries to fudge her way through the story. She encounters some trouble when she claims they were pulled over for speeding (not for a broken tail light), but is otherwise kind of amazing. Well, that or the interrogator sucks. Probably a bit of both.

Whitehorse ranch (where there are sadly no actual white horses). Sutton is actually excited about her Bonnie and Clyde adventure with Ethan. He has to remind her that those outlaws were shot to Swiss cheese by the end of the story. Ethan's dad Ben interrupts. Father and son are clearly not on friendly terms, but Ethan offers to help out around the ranch for a little bit. Ben hands Ethan the reins, and Sutton asks, "So, where are the horse showers?"

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