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Back at the ranch, Ethan and Sutton return home after a shopping excursion. She thanks him for backing her up and apologizes for being a horrible girlfriend. He says it wasn't all bad and apologizes that there weren't more high fashion options on the reservation. Sutton insists she can be down-to-earth and points back to a school camping trip when she wore hiking boots. Hiking boots! Give that girl a medal. Ethan reminds her that she took down the entire trip's power when she plugged in her flat iron. "But," she says coyly, "do you remember what we did after the power went out?" He sees what's happening and tells her she'll be sleeping in the guest bedroom. Speaking of bedrooms, Emma is in Sutton's crying quietly while she looks at pictures of Ethan. Outside the window, Thayer stares at her like a creep. Like his father.

The next morning, Sutton finds Ethan exercising the horses and trying to figure out what could have happened to Derek. She tries to keep things light, but Ethan is once again, like, "They think I killed someone, you dumb skag." Still, he takes time from his living hell to teach her how to ride a horse. Because Sutton has a leap list and his troubles aren't that important. Clearly. She gets up in the saddle and immediately the horse takes off in a gallop. Some D-grade stunt people are shown from the back as "Ethan" rescues "Sutton." I'm pretty sure this may have been footage ripped straight from A Taste of Romance or Honeymoon for One... name your Hallmark Channel movie, and you've seen these "wacky" shenanigans before.

Back in Phoenix, Ted tells "Sutton" to say something if Ethan tries to contact her in any way -- calling, texting, tweeting. Laurel snarks, "I don't think fugitives from the law tweet, dad." Kristin gives a perturbed expression, and Laurel says wryly, "Just reminding you that I'm here." As the doorbell rings, "Sutton" promises Ted she'll keep things on the up and up and starts to show him her midterm grades. Laurel opens the door to discover her musician friend (apparently his name is Baz). He shows her the fliers for their show Saturday night, and a downcast look on her face. She takes him into the kitchen to break the news to him (and the family) that she'll be skipping her debut to attend to family duties. Everyone insists she go ahead with the gig, so she agrees. She heads off to school with Baz, and "Sutton" heads to her own car (because if I were a presumed accessory to murder, my parents would totally let me take off by myself in my shiny Beamer!). Ted takes a closer look at "Sutton's" midterm grades. Kristin notes that it seems strange that "Sutton" got straight As on her midterms the morning after allegedly watching her boyfriend commit murder. (I think it's even stranger that she has managed to take them all since she was ripped out of school practically in the middle of one...) Kristin believes "Sutton" is telling the truth. Ted remains an asshole uncertain.

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