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Rebeccannie catches Annie sneaking out on his walk of shame the next morning. He calls it that much, then catches himself and assures her it's just an expression. She asks, "So we're okay?" He tells her they're better than okay. She (strategically) reveals one of her cards, saying that he must know now why she showed up after all these years -- for him. Alec tells her, "You got me," and they kiss. Why is he not completely freaked out by that? Two theories: 1.) He is just as cold and calculating as she is about their "sudden" and "spontaneous" reunion... 2.) She's really good in bed. Those theories are not mutually exclusive.

Justin's love shack. Laurel figures she could sneak out for a while amid all the Sutton melee. She wonders if he's mad that she blew him off for her band mates. He insists he's not, then pointedly tells her he went to see her play. He fills her in on his run-in with Ted and pushes again to come clean about their relationship. She tells him it's a really bad time to be a boyfriend on Ted's bad side and insists their secret romance is working just fine for the time being. He claims they see each other less, so she's all, well then let's not waste sexytimes with all this talking nonsense. Cue the emo rock equivalent of "Bow chicka wow-wow."

Rybak house. Ted and Alec get ready to leave for a round of golf. Ted wastes no time asking about Rebeccannie, specifically whether Alec has slept with her. Alec's, like, "Obvs." He tells Ted to be happy with how things are unfurling because, "The closer I get to her, the safer your secret is." He looks on smugly, knowing he has all the power in the relationship, and Ted just has to take it.

Whitehorse house. Ethan returns from a long solo journey. Sutton apologizes for being out of line with Ben. He says it's not entirely her fault (ummmm... yeah, it is) and falls back on the old hard knocks yadda yadda that somehow is supposed to cover a litany of sins between these two. She tells him not to blame himself for his mother abandoning the family. She doesn't, and neither can he. She grabs his hand, and he actually takes hers warmly for a second before heading back downstairs to the couch.

Meanwhile, Emma is at Mads' house desperately trying to make peace and still completely unaware what Sutton did.

Next week: Mads down all the shady stuff "Sutton" has done in the last two weeks. Emma finally can't take it. She blurts out, "It was Sutton! Sutton did all those things to you." Obviously Mads doesn't believe her, saying, "You're Sutton." Emma shouts, "I'm not Sutton Mercer! I'm Emma Becker, her twin sister." Confusion + disbelief + silence + "I smell something stinky" = Mads face.

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