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What Happens in Vegas...
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Previously: Emma threw herself at Ethan. Emma's foster mom threatened to throw the book at her. Laurel threw herself under Justin. And Sutton threw Emma under the bus.

Las Vegas. Emma's friend Little Orphan Lexie grills "Emma" as she drives her away from juvie. She warns her that Clarice, her foster mom knows "Emma" is back in town and says it's highly unlikely she signed her out of the clink. "Emma" says she needs to get back to California as soon as she can scrape together the money. Little Orphan offers her a place to crash in the meanwhile, for which "Emma" is incredibly grateful.

Phoenix. Ethan surprises Emma, who is immediately apologetic and embarrassed for propositioning him the night before. She admits, "No girls wants be a drunken idiot for her first ti--" then catches herself and immediately rushes out of the room under the pretense that she's suddenly hungry (for sex). She heads into the kitchen, stopping short when she hears Kristin and Ted arguing. Kristin wants to put a stop to the lies they've been telling Sutton about Annie, specifically that she's dead. Ted says it will threaten their newly strong relationship with Sutton, and Kristin walks out of the room dejectedly.

Ted calls Alec, who is driving home from Vegas. Emma picks up the phone to overhear their clandestine conversation. Ted brings Alec up to speed, and Alec advises him to get Kristin under control: "We both know why Sutton can't find out who her birth mother is." Credits.

Emma and Ethan head back into Sutton's room as they try to figure out why Alec and Ted wouldn't want Kristin to know that Annie is Sutton's birth mother. Ethan suggests Emma talk to Kristin to try to figure out everything she knows. Emma resolves to do that and take it a step farther: She wants to approach Alec. Of course Ethan asks, "Seriously?" Of all the boneheaded things they've half-witted folks have done, this might be one of the dumbest. But Emma thinks it's her only chance to get information that will convince Queen Sutton to allow her to stay in Phoenix. Oh, Emma, you're as deluded as you are lovely.

Vegas. Little Orphan Lexie welcomes Sutton to her home and takes a snapshot to commemorate the moment. She continues to give "Emma" the third degree as her mom comes in with a big wad of cash she earned as a casino dealer. She offers "Emma" some macaroni and cheese, which "Emma" accepts with great relief -- until Little Orphan Lexie's mom throws a box at her and tells her where to find the milk and butter.

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