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What Happens in Vegas...

Before he can respond, "Sutton" interrupts to talk with Kristin alone. And can I just say first, What is she wearing? A busy green shirt with those unflattering tie-optional swaths of fabric in front that I haven't seen since 1997, plus a pair of cream pants that Justin should really check out as potential rent free accommodation if the golf club digs fall through. Moving on. "Sutton" mentions overhearing Ted and Kristin's argument and asks what they are keeping from her. Kristin stonewalls, claiming she misunderstood or misheard. She excuses herself abruptly, and Emma lets it lie.

Vegas. Sutton is languishing as Little Orphan Lexie studies for a test that's four days away. Sutton suggests they throw caution to the wind and hit up Calvin's gamble-stravaganza. She thinks it'll be the perfect opportunity to win her bus fare. Little Orphan Lexie anxiously points out that "Emma" doesn't have the $100 buy-in. Sutton is all, "That's what your mom's for!" Sutton mentions that a boy Little Orphan Lexie was checking out will be there, and Little Orphan Lexie gives in on the condition that "Emma" will work her DIY fashion magic on one of her outfits.

Phoenix. Char answers the phone and is pleasantly(?) surprised to hear aunt Annie's voice on the phone. Yes, that Annie. Char assumes Annie is calling for her mom Phyllis. Just as Annie says, "Actually I was hoping to speak to you," Phyllis snatches up the phone and screams at Annie until she gets a dial tone. She demands Char never to speak with Annie again. Char wonders what could have happened between them to cause such bad blood. Says Phyllis, "Annie made a serious of poor decisions, got mixed up with the wrong people, and they destroyed her." Char wonders, "So why don't you do something about it? You're her sister." Phyllis says they stopped being sisters long ago.

Emma heads to Ethan's trailer to catch him up on her nonversation with Kristin. Ethan says that Emma needs to move on from all these liars and let Sutton suffer the fallout when she returns to Phoenix. Emma refuses to give up. Ethan looks at her strangely, finally admitting that he admires her relentless optimism. He grabs her hand and gazes into her eyes and... cut to black. Come on!

Over at the club, Ted takes Justin for a round of golf. He broaches the topic of Laurel's lying. Justin doesn't dance around the truth, but he does manage to simultaneously prostrate himself and stick it to Ted by saying, "I know what lies can do to people -- how it can tear a family apart. I guess that's why you're my role model, sir... because I know you'd never lie, right?" Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Theodore.

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