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What Happens in Vegas...

That evening, Justin drops Laurel off at home. She coquettishly asks him to come inside to "watch a movie or something." Seriously, Laurel? Justin says he'd rather not, so Laurel tells him her parents are cool (not exactly true) since her talk with Kristin. Justin admits he's not worried about Kristin and confesses he has suspicious about Ted.

In Vegas, as Sutton boards the bus to Phoenix, Little Orphan Lexie tells Sutton she was on to her from the moment she stepped out of juvie. Lesson learned: Street urchins are way smarter than southwestern socialites. Little Orphan Lexie encourages Sutton to work things out with Emma. Sutton is still sore about Emma's betrayal but does admit she's regretting sending the epistolary exposé after getting a glimpse of Emma's life. She thanks Little Orphan Lexie for the hospitality and poses for one last snapshot before heading back home to make things right.

That night, Emma has taped back Sutton's letter and reads glumly it to Ethan. Highlights: "[Emma has] stolen my identity, family, and friends, and I'm now afraid of how far she'll go to keep me from taking my life back." And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Now that Sutton has a taste for blood, Emma feels foolish, realizes that the jig will soon be up, and wonders what she's going to do with herself. She cries to Ethan that it's "time to say goodbye to everybody... this place... you." Ethan tells her not so fast and promises to follow her anywhere she goes.

Next week: Midseason finale! "Hell hath no fury like a twin scorned," quoth Sutton, who comes roaring back into Phoenix, pulls the old switcheroo on Ethan, and possibly pushes Emma to the point of self-exposure. I guess forgiveness and compassion aren't genetic.

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