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Playing with Fire
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Previously: Laptopgate2011. NewGuygate2011. Sutton is growing jealous that her birth mom wanted Emma more. And Alec Rybak lurked in the bushes through it all.

Emma goes out for a late-night job, like all smart, pretty, young girls are wont to do. She sees a car trailing her and tries to escape but is stopped by a locked fence. Out pops the ever-sinister Alec, saying, "Young lady, you've got some explaining to do." Of course he's referring to the state of the art sports facility he erected Sutton's high school and her thoughtless choice to jog in the park instead. It's all jokey jokey, "I'm so funny I bet you forgot to la--BOO!" You know, typical Alec. She lamely lies that she got turned around, which he can't believe because he used to drive her and Mads this very route to gymnastics for years. In any case, he's all, "Why don't you get in my car, little girrrrrrrl?" And she has no choice but to play along. Credits.

Back the Mercers', Alec and Ted have a whispered powwow. Alec has noticed that "Sutton" seems to have adopted a completely different character, but Ted hasn't noticed. Alec brings up Sutton's persistent questions about her birth mom. Ted tells him he's sticking to the story that she's dead. Alec: "What are we gonna tell her when she finds out that isn't true?" Ted says glibly that he's just following Alec's script, so Alec shoots back cutting that it's all to protect Ted, the one who screwed up. They agree they both have a lot to lose. He tells Ted to keep an eye on "Sutton" because it would be disastrous if she were to snoop around L.A. Ted smugly says, "Last time I checked, she's still here in Phoenix. Can't be in two places at once, right?" Wrong-o, T-bird!

Upstairs, Emma is telling an underwhelmed Sutton about Alec's Lurky McLurkerson tendencies. Emma admits maybe she's being paranoid, then starts conspiracy theorizing about the laptop theft. Sutton tells her to move on. They need to figure out how and when Sutton can take her life back -- the sooner the better. Emma greets this news with a glum face. Sutton asks if the photo triggered any memories for Emma, but Emma says she has a terrible memory. Sutton thinks that's weird since hers is practically photographic. Emma grumbles, "Well, you lived a life worth remembering." Sutton, who clearly wants to tell Emma to buck up and stop being a baby, adopts a gentler approach, encouraging Emma that she's the only one who can unlock the key to their next clue.

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Lying Game




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