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The next morning, Dan tells Ethan how his arraignment will go down. He says Ethan's only hope is that the judge goes easy on him and doesn't decide to try him as an adult. Ethan thinks the laptop thief was trying to break him and Sutton up. That narrows down the suspects to Dan, Ted, Kristin and Laurel. Seeing Dan's disapproving look, he tags on, "...and whoever stole it." All the while Ethan is struggling to knot his tie and wearing an untucked shirt with a chili stain. Dan has one last piece of advice: "Just look the judge in the eye and don't give him any more reasons not to believe you." It's like telling a drowning man, "Don't forget your floatie!"

Elsewhere, Nisha strides up to Emma in ballet class as she pores over her journal of clues. She wonders if there's anything about her in there. "Sutton" says it's about stuff from before they knew each other. Bad move. Nisha points out they've been friends since they were three years old and gets exceptionally miffed about "Sutton's" revisionist history. Leaving Emma to pick her chin up off the ground, she saunters to the next room, where Mads is being teacher's pet. Not that teacher. It's the grande dame of the ballet academy, who, it turns out, is the mother of Mads' lovah (Eduardo). Nisha explains rudely that she's only taking classes to improve her tennis form. Eduardo enters the room, and Nisha readies her claws for the sinking.

Back at the Mercer home, Ted and Kristin invite themselves into "Sutton's" room to tell her to stop dating Ethan, not least of which because of rap sheet. Emma jumps to his defense, saying she knows he didn't steal the laptop and asking Ted, "Are you telling me that, when you were younger, you didn't make mistakes?" Uncomfortable silence. The doorbell rings. Kristin heads off to answer it, and Emma keeps drilling Ted about actions he wishes he could take back. He jokes his way out of it, saying he did briefly sport a mullet in high school. Ted tells her to trust him because he's looking out for what's best. She begrudgingly submits.

Downstairs, Justin has arrived to pick up Laurel for their first date. It quickly becomes Ted's first date with Justin as he flirtatiously asks Justin to join him out on the golf course. Laurel's all, "Paws off, old man," and the youngsters head out to dinner. They end up at a Mexican restaurant where a classical guitar player serenades him. Justin tips him, so the guy starts banging on the strings like nobody's business. Only a minute later when he gets the bill does Justin realize it's because he tipped the guitarista $50 instead of a $5. Laurel helps him pick up the tab, though not before laughing in his face. Across the restaurant, Char and Mads walk in just in time to see Laurel and Justin leaving. It's appropriate since Char is bitching about feeling left out and all the secrets her friends are keeping from her.

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Lying Game




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