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Back at home, Kristin hears Emma whimpering and writhing in the midst of a bad dream. Emma wakes up and tells her she dreamt that she was drowning and couldn't breathe. Kristin says it's been ages since she had that recurring nightmare. Kristin offers to rub her back until she falls back asleep because it always worked when she was a child. Emma turns over as Kristin soothingly assures her, "You're safe. I'm always here."

The next day, Emma and Sutton Skype-bond over the nightmare they now share, thanks to a well-documented psychic connection known as twinsense. They determine that Sutton's dreams must have been a result of Emma's actual trauma. She urges Emma to try to tap into the memory in hopes that it will somehow help them on their search. Emma says she has no one to whom she can turn, so Sutton reluctantly tells her reach out to Ethan. Emma says she doesn't want to cause problems. Sutton tells her curtly, "Then don't."

Later that morning at school, Char is whining about Laurel's secret romance with Justin, so Emma comes clean that she may have facilitated it. Char: "You're taking your sister's side over your friend's?" This notion is absolutely incredible to her. Then again, Sutton wouldn't have. Char pleads to Mads to knock some sense into Sutton, but since Mads herself is involved in an illicit love affair, she only moons dreamily about destiny and whatnot. She promises to help Char find another guy, but Char has turned the molehill of her fleeting heartache into a mountain, claiming the three of them are drifting apart. Before they can pacify her, she storms off, which is just more aggressive drifting really. Ironic. Nisha sees the opportunity to exploit Char's torment and insinuates that Sutton is always screwing her friends. Char blows her off, but the seed is planted.

Outside, Laurel frets to Justin whether Sutton's friends will ever get used to seeing her with him. He sweetly tells her they'll have plenty of time to get used to it, then heads off to get them some drinks. Across the quad, Laurel spots "Sutton" keeping watch for Ethan. She informs her that Ethan was both suspended from school and fired from his job at the country club on account of Laptopgate 2011. Emma runs out and straight to the club, where she finds Ethan handing in his uniform. She asks why he didn't tell her these developments, and he says he figured she'd be busy with her latest clue, the photo. She tells him she's stuck and needs his help interpreting her dreams. He awesomely calls her out for inadvertently evoking Native American stereotypes: "Yeah, sure. You know what? I'll bring along some peyote and my favorite dream catcher, and then we can go off and do a harvest dance and duck into my sweat lodge!" Emma, of course, is flabbergasted that he thinks she's being racist or whatever. She admits that he is her only friend, then quickly corrects herself to say "our only friend... Sutton's and mine." He tells her to meet him at the lookout that night at 9 PM. They'll have to be quick with their conjuring because his trial (as an adult, unfortunately) was set for the next week, so his time may be limited.

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Lying Game




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