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Playing with Fire

Later that afternoon, Justin wins a round of golf with Ted and Alec handily, and with it a fair sum of cash. He tries to refuse it, but they insist. He heads off to meet up with Laurel, and Alec notes that Ted is extra-worked-up about his golf game. Ted admits there's more to it: "You make one mistake, you have to pay for it the rest of your life. One mistake!" He tells Alec that "Sutton" definitely probably knows more than she's letting on. Alec tells him, "You keep on her. It's not important what you think she knows. It's important that she never finds her mother."

Meanwhile, Eduardo is privately tutoring Nisha with much frustration when Mads brings him a smoothie. He asks her to demonstrate a proper tendu, prompting her to show off her lithe figure and perfect form all up in Nisha's grill. Eduardo dismisses Nisha, who is seething with jealousy. After she walks out the room, Mads says pointedly, "Maybe you could find someone at school to practice with. Dance doesn't really come to life until you have a partner." Translation: "Back off, bitch." Way to be discreet, Mads.

Back at the club, Emma approaches Ted and Alec in the grill to beg Alec to help Ethan escape jail. She confesses that Ethan was with her when the laptop was stolen in hopes that Ted will have mercy on him. Instead, Alec pipes in and says high-and-mightily that this will be an important lesson for Ethan. He thinks going to jail will give him time to "think about his mistakes and come out a more productive citizen... like his brother." Emma asks, "But what if he's innocent?" Alec (he who commissioned a junkie to break into her house, as it were) laughs off this "conspiracy theory" and is all, "Then who did?" Suddenly, Laurel appears from nowhere to proclaim, "It was me!"

Back at the Mercer homestead, Emma overhears as Laurel explains (read: lies) that she stole Sutton's laptop out of jealousy. Kristin's heart goes to Ethan. Ted assures her that the charges have been dropped, Ethan's suspension has been lifted, and he's been re-hired at the club. Laurel plays the repentant soul pitch-perfectly as Ted tells her she's grounded until further notice. She leaves, and Emma catches up with her to check that she's fine. Laurel adopts a shit-eating grin as she pats herself on the back for an Oscar-worthy performance. She says it was to return the favor for Emma setting her up with Justin. Emma points out that Laurel won't be able to see Justin anymore because of her little theatrical act, but Laurel is sure Ted and Kristin will soften up and set her free inside of a week. In the meanwhile, Sutton has a handy escape route through her room. Emma smiles, "You are evil." Says Laurel, "I learned from the master."

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Lying Game




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