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Back in L.A., Thayer is using some super-high-tech photo tool to fill in the pixels of the picture of Emma and her mom. Alas, the tool does nothing for the fact that it looks like a damn mannequin is holding a real-life baby. They zoom in on a water tower in the background of the picture and make out the words "FILLMORE, CA." Thayer proposes a road trip, and Sutton excitedly leaps onto him in a bear hug. He is hesitant at first, but then gets really into it, like clinging-desperately into it. They cut to the next scene just before Sutton asks, "Thayer, is that a pencil in your pocket?"

That night, Emma is studying "twintuition" when the doorbell rings. She answers it to find Ethan and is confused because they were set to meet later at the lookout. He's not here to see her, however. Ted has called him over so Laurel can personally apologize for nearly ruining his life. As he heads upstairs to get her, Kristin with her own sympathy-apology by way of a huge hug that clearly makes Ethan uncomfortable. After Laurel dutifully doles out another teary "I'm sorry" performance, Ted dismisses her, turns to Ethan, and is basically, like, "So we're done with you now?" Ethan thanks him for acknowledging how this all went down. Ted tells him point-blank, "It was my wife's idea, son." Seriously cold, man.

Over at the dance studio d'amour, Mads finds Eduardo in a darkened room and poises to pounce on him. Before she can tour jeté straight into his jock, Eduardo tells her that he has had second thoughts, mainly thoughts about getting gang banged in Phoenix correctional for being a pedo. He tries to let her down easily, cupping her face and telling her the kiss took his breath away. Still, he can't. He begins to walk off but doesn't get very far before she takes off her blouse and tells him there's no point in fighting their animal attraction. He turns around to rebuff her again, but is nonsensically shocked to see her half-dressed. Because a real bra is so much more scandalous than a sports bra? Either way, she lunges at him yet again. Only this time, Nisha is there to collect photographic evidence. She and Alec are starting to have much in common. He pulls away and refuses more forcefully, but the damage is already done.

Nisha goes from being a private dick in one location to being a plain-and-simple dick in another. She heads over to Char's house under the flimsy excuse of returning a two-year-old Twilight DVD. When Char gives her sass, Nisha exploits Char's weakness, noting that she's all alone. She pretends to be concerned for Char, warning her, "Once Sutton decides that she's over you, she's over you." Char says her relationship with Sutton won't end the way Nisha's did. She does defend herself and Mads, saying they never intended to replace Nisha as Sutton's BFF. Nisha says flippantly that she's over it. Instead of stopping while she's ahead, Char accuses Nisha of doing plenty of sabotage on Mads' and her relationship with Sutton. Nisha bristles as the insinuation that she's a sneaky bitch, which is kind of hilarious since she was just hiding in the damn bushes taking surveillance photos. Either way, she drops the bomb that Mads is banging her dance teacher. She adds cattily, "I'm sure she told you. You guys are all best buds!" then walks away so Char can get on with her meltdown.

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Lying Game




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