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Playing with Fire

Meanwhile, Ethan is still trying to mentally unravel the mystery of the laptop when he meets up with Emma. She tells him they need to put that aside and concentrate on the photo. After about 45 seconds (tops) of trying to decode her dream, Emma gets flustered and tells Ethan how guilty she feels about lying to the Mercers, especially Kristin, who comforted her the other night. She admits that she feels more for Kristin than for the stranger in the picture. Irritated, she throws the picture in the fire. Conveniencidentally, this act of rebellion is the key that unlocks Emma's psyche! Seeing the picture go up in flames, she realizes that her inability to breathe in the dream wasn't because she was drowning. It was because she was trapped in a fire.

In Fillmore, Thayer and Sutton have reached a dead end. That is, until Emma calls and tells Sutton about her breakthrough. She advises Sutton to look for a burnt-down house.

Back in Phoenix, Mads brings Char her morning coffee and is met with a chilly reception. Mads asks what's up, so Char confronts Mads right there in the middle of the bustling hall. She unloads on her about keeping secrets, screeching her climax that "It's the eighth grade Grand Canyon trip all over again!" At which point Nisha steps away from her conveniently located locker to insert herself into the situation. Mads decides to hell with it and lies that, yes, she is dancing (in the sheets) with Eduardo. She claims they've been hot and heavy for six months. She turns to her nemesis: "How about you, Nisha? You seeing anyone? Any cute freshmen on the boys' tennis team?" Suck on that, Nisha.

Fillmore. Sutton and Thayer have managed to find the house that burnt down about 14 years ago in approximately three minutes. They walk around checking it out while they wait for Emma to call them back. Sutton reminds Thayer to be out of sight when the call comes. Just then, Sutton's phone rings. She uses the video function to show Emma her surroundings. Emma recognizes a doorway that used to hold a swing, then her childhood room. She says she remembers stars. From his hiding place, Thayer notices some stars peeking out through the ash covering the room's ceiling. He hands Sutton a broom, and she sweeps the cinders off to reveal a cosmic mural. In the bottom right-hand corner, the name Annie Hobbs is scrolled. This must be their mother.

A bit later, Emma is doodling her mom's name while Ethan reviews the footage of Hobbs house. Despite bringing about a legitimate discovery, Emma is frustrated she can't remember important details like whether Annie survived or died because she was sacrificing her life for Emma's. She says she has a right to know these things and that no one should keep them from her and Sutton. Ethan says she's losing him, so she posits that Ted must have known that Sutton had a twin when he adopted her. She says she gets a weird feeling from him and needs to know what he's hiding.

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Lying Game




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