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Playing with Fire

And then, in the most abrupt lapse of time yet, it's several hours later, and Emma has just finished playing tennis with Kristin. Kristin absent-mindedly quips that "Sutton" couldn't possibly have gotten her backhand from Kristin, then cringes at the fact that clearly Sutton couldn't have gotten anything from her. It provides a ham-fisted segue for Emma to ask about the circumstances of her birth mother's death, explicitly asking, "...could she have drowned or been in a fire?" Kristin assumes it's about the nightmare and says she has no idea. Kristin confesses for the first time that she wishes she could have met Sutton's birth mom and thanked her for the gift of Sutton. They go in for a hug and, if I'm not mistaken, Kristin's got a little bit of a shady look on her face for a minute there. No?

That night, Laurel is walking past Sutton's room when she hears a noise. She opens the door to check in and finds Ethan walking in. He gives her an uncomfortable nod as she nonchalantly tells him that "Sutton" should be back any minute and to make himself comfortable. Just then, actual Sutton calls on Skype. Laurel thinks nothing of answering for Ethan, and it looks like this whole scheme might be blown. Sutton wings it, saying she was calling (her own computer?) to tell Ethan she'd be late. Laurel is distracted by her phone as Emma nearly walks in on this scene. Luckily, Ethan turns around at precisely the right time to signal that things are complicated, and she ducks down before Laurel can spot her. The ruse remains intact for the time being.

Laurel leaves, winking as she closes the door behind her, and Emma joins the conversation in progress. She begs Sutton to come home -- if nothing else, to stave of Emma's impending heart attack. Sutton promises she will come home as soon she exhausts all leads in California. Emma thinks the search would be more fruitful in Phoenix and tells Sutton that Ted is very likely hiding something and that Kristin will be the way to smoke him out. Sutton is unconvinced and remains committed to tracking down Annie Hobbs in California, primarily because she is nonsensically jealous of Emma for getting a few virtually unconscious years with her -- during which time Annie was probably on the run after some grift and Sutton was enjoying the good life with the Mercers, mind you. Sutton affirms, "I want to find our mother. I need to find her." End call.

Emma turns back to Ethan and asks what to do. She is starting to collapse under the guilt of hurting Sutton's friends and family. Ethan tells her she can only hope they will understand and forgive her. Those Whitehorse men are just rich with the useless advice, aren't they? This ranks right up there with the floatie. Emma knows that she's nothing to these people, and they'll cast her out the minute the truth is revealed. Though he has nothing to say that will comfort her, Ethan puts his arm around her. She whispers, "You're Sutton's boyfriend." He says with resignation, "I know." They look into each other's eyes, let it linger for a minute, then she leans her head on his cheek as he strokes her hair. Not yet, my friends, not yet. But it is coming. Or my name isn't Sutton Mercer! Oh wait...

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Lying Game




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