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Playing with Fire

Out in the kitchen, Ted arrives home from work. Kristin tells him she and "Sutton" played tennis earlier that day. He says cryptically, "Anything... interesting come up?" Kristin's all, "As a matter, Sutton thinks her mom died in a fire and that you're a lying, secret-hoarding lunatic with a creepy best friend!" Actually, I may have added that last part. Either way, it's enough to pique Ted's anxiety. Even more so when Kristin tells him "Sutton" wrote down a message from one of his patients. Ted takes one look at the notepad and lies that he forgot to bring home some test results.

Moments later, he's meeting Alec in a parking lot. Whip smart Ted has finally put the pieces together that Laurel's confession was bogus. Alec snaps, "What are you, a detective now? Lay off the Law & Order reruns, stick to the rhinoplasty, Ted." Ted is spinning out of control, so Alec tells him to keep it together. "We know how this works: If there's dirty work to be done, just leave it to me -- just like in high school." Ted tells Alec he does, indeed, have some dirty work then hands him the notepad: Different cutesy doodles of the name Annie are written over it. Nice secret sleuthing, Emma! She may not get her backhand from Kristin, but it looks like she did get her detective skills from Ted. Sheesh.

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Lying Game




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