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Wed or Alive
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Previously: Alec received a text message with an incriminating picture of him on the night of Derek's murder. Rebeccannie suggested he could avoid prosecution thinking "outside of the box" -- and inside the wedding chapel. And yet! That very night, Sutton and Thayer discovered that Rebeccannie had harbored feelings for Ted (of all people) since she left Arroyo. Speaking of undying flames, Emma feared that Ethan still had feelings for Sutton when he admitted to kissing the evil twin during a steamy scene in which Emma was almost devirginized. They say you never forget the first time (or maybe even the almost-first-time)!

Back in Phoenix, Emma is running off her rage to Taylor Swift's "Mean." Oh, Swifty! Empowering teenage girls to embrace their inner petty bitter spinster for generations to come! Ethan tracks Emma down on his bike, so she reluctantly heads over to talk to him. He refuses to let go of her, but she thinks his timing was piss-poor -- not to mention his use of Facebook terminology to confess he'd cheated on her with her twin. He promises it will never happen again, but Emma doesn't believe him. She sheepishly admits that the night at the hotel would have been her first time. He says that's exactly why he had to come clean so she wouldn't feel even more betrayed later. It's a fair point, but it doesn't make the truth hurt any less. Credits.

Emma arrives back home, still down in the dumps. It comes out that Ethan came along on the trip to Coachella. Ted and Kristin are unhappy, but they can't be truly mad when Emma leaves the room sobbing. Kristin follows her into her room and consoles her. She apologizes further for dragging "Sutton" into her doubts about Ted and Rebeccannie. She says she believes Ted that nothing happened, which Emma is relieved about. Kristin can't believe that Ethan would hurt "Sutton" like this when she stood by him during the murder allegations. Emma sobs, "Ethan has feelings for someone else." A few moments before, actual Sutton sauntered up to the window outside and is drinking in the emotional turbulence. Kristin gives "Sutton" another hug.

Meanwhile, Rebeccannie is describing her vision for the ceremony to Alec and the kids. She asks Mads to be her Maid of Honor, which Mads jumps at, mostly because it means she can get a new dress. Alec invites Thayer to be his Best Man. Thayer admits this wedding is a little sudden -- like, two days from now sudden. He wonders what the rush is. Alec acts the part of the hopeless romantic (not the calculating snake he really is), saying love makes people do crazy things and that he doesn't want to wait to start the rest of his life.

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