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Back at the Mercer's, Sutton strolls smugly into her room where Emma is trying to reconstitute herself from the puddle of teenage angst and betrayal she's become. Sutton assumes that all the fuss is over Kristin and her devastation at Ted's affair. Emma reports that Kristin talked to Ted, and they're copacetic again. Sutton's all, "Nuh uh!" She brings out Rebeccannie's locket with Ted's picture in it and shows it to Emma. Emma is doesn't believe what she's seeing, but Sutton reminds her that she knew from day one that Ted was hiding something. That Sutton, she knows everything! She volunteers Emma to show Kristin the locket. Obviously, Emma is not up for this task, but Sutton thinks Kristin could be the key to figuring out Rebeccannie's back-story. Clearly Sutton hasn't been around the past few months. Aside from a fluke moment of clarity, Kristin is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box.

When Emma refuses to tell Kristin about Rebeccannie, Sutton moves on. She puts the pieces together that Emma was the one crying and wonders what happen. Emma's all, "Like you don't know." She tells her that Ethan admitted to kissing Sutton at the res. Sutton says -- totally unconvincingly -- that she feels a little bad for Emma. "I'm sure it'll pass," Emma snarks. "In just enough time for you to go over to trailer and throw yourself at him." Sutton: "So what if I do?" Yep, it passed!

Elsewhere, Thayer and Mads are driving around. He can't believe she's already jumped on the wedding bandwagon when they were about to confront their father 12 hours ago. Mads reasons that Alec can't possibly be some killer if he's acting this lovey-dovey and celebratory. Uh, yeah he could. That's the definition of a sociopath. And have you met your father? Mads says it's the happiest she's seen Alec since their mother left, which has the added bonus of him not being a world-class prick to her and Thayer. Thayer says that doesn't explain the fact that there's an eye witness who can place Alec at the scene of Derek's murder. Mads explodes that Thayer has no proof and accuses Thayer of retaliating against Alec for years of their relationship being screwed up. Thayer takes it in silence.

Sutton does exactly what Emma predicted and heads straight to Ethan's place to purr that he's "a giant neon sign of sexy." Wow. That may be the unsexiest come-on I've ever heard. Ethan tells Sutton to mind her own business when it comes to his relationship with Emma. Sutton insists she can't because of the connection lingering between her and Ethan. He insists that connection disappeared the minute they arrived back in Phoenix and Sutton reverted to "the lying bitch [she's] always been." Sutton tells him she's patient, she can wait until the day that Ethan comes crawling back. "It's just a question of when."

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