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Outside, Ted is freaking out (as per usual), and Alec is telling him it's all his fault (as per usual). Ted gets lippy, so Alec shushes him when Laurel and "Sutton" approach. They ask what's going on, and Alec tells them to come back to the table with him. Ted runs after Kristin, who screams at him about the locket. She tells him she's not as upset about the affair as the lies and how he blamed her for Justin's mother's death. Then comes, without a doubt, the cheesiest line of the season: "What does it feel like, Ted, building a family on a mountain of lies? And what is the view like from up there?" Oh, but she's not done. She adds, "Because I'll tell you what -- from here, the view sucks!" She runs out, and the girls follow her to the parking garage. Kristin is a mess, but Laurel doesn't understand why. "Sutton" reveals what has gone down over the last few days. They promise to go home with Kristin, and the Mercer ladies hug through the pain.

Chamberlin house. Sutton is going through Rebeccannie's receipts while Ethan searches her computer. Sutton smugs about how well Ethan and she work together. He basically tells her to get off it because she sucks at life. She strolls over and pretends she's frustrated that he isn't computer savvy enough. It's all a ruse to wrap her arm around him, and she keeps it there to the point of discomfort. Her hacking know-how does actually prove useful when she looks in Rebeccannie's download and finds an image from four days prior. We don't see it yet, but Sutton says, "Oh man. Looks like we just hit the jackpot!"

Back at the club, Alec and Rebeccannie walk outside to find Ted contemplating throwing himself into the fire pit. Unfortunately, it's a really tiny, wimpy pit so it would be like trying to drown yourself in a kiddie pool. Rebeccannie feels compelled to tell Ted she didn't intend things to go the way they did. He wonders what exactly she did intend -- other than bagging Alec and destroying Ted's life. Alec tells Ted to lighten up, and Rebeccannie realizes she's not going to get anywhere with this conversation. She apologizes once more before making herself scarce.

Ted tells Alec to take a hike. Before he does, Alec reminds Ted (for the 98th time) about all the ass-covering and mess cleaning he's done for him. Ted is done with the emotional blackmail and the superiority complex. He says all that "help" just blew up in Ted's face and Alec screwed him over the minute he let Rebeccannie back into their lives. Alec says, by his count, the glass is still half-full: "Kristin still doesn't know half the secret." He leaves Ted to ponder that.

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