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Wed or Alive

Whitehorse trailer. Dan also wonders why Ethan isn't primping. He thinks "Sutton" will somehow be swayed by the magic of the wedding and forgive Ethan, but Ethan insists he'll never be enough. Dan tells him, in essence, "Don't be a loser like me." He also warns him that Thayer will have a shot at "Sutton" if Ethan doesn't step up. I'm pretty sure they just set up Season 2 right there.

Rybak house. Ryan joins yet another scene for the explicit purpose of being dismissed when Mads tells him to get the car so she can talk alone with Thayer. (Also? Why is this kid still around? There's got to be more to his story because it's certainly not his dynamic acting. Another hint at Season 2? Which, by the way, isn't yet confirmed, so...) Mads is in Mach 1 paranoia. Thayer tells her he's got it handled as Dan knocks on the glass door with his search warrant in hand. Mads hugs Thayer and heads out to the car as Dan and his deputies file in.

Wedding. Alec spots "Sutton" sheepishly moving through the crowd (well, as sheepishly as one can in a fuchsia trench coat). He says he's glad she came and asks how Ted and Kristin are doing. That is an inappropriate question on about a million levels, and "Sutton" refuses to answer it. Alec asks her to give them some time and promises everything will work out.

Back at the Mercers, Ted has to ring his own doorbell. Laurel acts as gatekeeper, refusing to let him in. They both cry as he admits he made a mistake, and she tells him that he's the reason Kristin is hurting. She shuts the door on his face, and he crumples into it.

Wedding. "Sutton" heads into Rebeccannie's dressing room for one last attempt to help good win out over evil. She says she knows about the photo and that Rebeccannie is marrying Alec to protect him. Rebeccannie coolly tells her the photo was an obvious fake -- "someone is playing a game." (Remember that line. I think it will be important later.) "Sutton" appeals to the goodness in Rebeccannie by pointing out the possible murderous psychosis in Alec. Rebeccannie doesn't give. She sticks to her alibi story and insists she is telling the truth. (Bank that line, too.) Alec knocks and barges in to find Rebeccannie having her "little chat" with "Sutton." Alec backs out the door like a snaky bugger and gives Rebeccannie (or maybe "Sutton"?) a suspicious look that shouldn't even be shot toward the same room as your bride-to-be on your wedding day.

While Thayer rushes in to the wedding, Dan and his team search through Alec's things. They haven't had any luck and are about to move on to look through his car at the wedding venue. Dan sets eyes on Alec's golf clubs and something clicks. He dumps out the clubs. Among them, a bloody tire iron. Dun dun dun!

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