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The most suspense of all I'd argue, though, is exactly when and how Sutton and Rebeccannie joined forces. How long have they been working together? What is their end game? And what is the other half of the secret Rebeccannie has on Ted? That -- as many of you have suspected -- Sutton and Emma are Ted and Rebeccannie's kids. That' the most obvious, most likely explanation at this point. When would Sutton have learned this, and why (other than the fact that she's cracked) would she be okay with it? And that's basically this question in a nutshell. It's been 20 episodes of oblique statements and big reveals that only led to more questions.

As I mentioned, Season 2 isn't confirmed yet. Will you come back for more in Season 2? Was this big shock sufficient enough to keep you waiting for a couple months, or was it just more dirty in already very muddy waters? Tinkle your fingers or scratch your heads together with me now, kids. If nothing else, we did it. We got through these many moons of twinanigans together!

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