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Speaking of sexytimes, Emma and Laurel are still observing the rules of co-ed road tripping by bunking down in the same room. Laurel admits she's nervous about performing, but Emma thinks the butterflies in her stomach have more to do with her obvious attraction to Baz. Laurel rattles off the many reasons why she's holding off on hooking up with Baz and deflects the conversation to the fact that "Sutton" is still in this room as opposed to in Ethan's room having underage, unsupervised sexytimes. In truth, Emma is hiding out because she's afraid to lose virginity and after much hemming, hawing, and blushing, she admits this to Laurel. Having lived with Slutton her whole life, Laurel literally laughs herself off the bed. That moment, particularly Allie Gonino's squeak-cackle was all kind of adorable.

The next morning at the cabin. Thayer is disheartened to tell Sutton everything about Rebeccannie checks out, though it does raise a little suspicion that there is no news coverage of her high-profile divorce. Thayer suggests they ask Rebeccannie if she's technically still married, but Sutton thinks they can do one better by asking her purported ex. They make the call. Rebeccannie's exceptionally chatty former housekeeper tells them the man of the house is out of the country but tells them everything they could ever want to know, including that fact that Rebeccannie returned to Phoenix to reunite with "the love of her life." She says Rebeccannie never told her this guy's name but always wore a photo of this fellow in a locket around her neck. All of a sudden the housekeeper realizes she's blabbing and is all, "Who is this?" Click. The kids assume the housekeeper was talking about Alec but decide to find the locket to confirm it.

Meanwhile, Laurel is asking "Sutton" how it's possible she has had so many boyfriends and kept her hymen intact. She asks, "Were you one of those everything-but girls?" Emma is humiliated. Like Seventeen Traumarama mortified. Baz interrupts the get-it-in-quisition to tell them that, even if the festival delays their set, they can't possibly make it. When the mechanic pulls up sans van, their fears are confirmed. He offers them some super-sketchy "gig" to play in town, and Laurel leaves "Sutton" at the motel with Ethan. As they leave, Ethan walks up and wonders what's going on. Emma updates him and sheepishly tells him that there are no longer any distractions or people keeping them apart. She kisses him gently and tells him that, finally, the timing is right. As she walks anxiously to the room, he struggles with the fact that he's still keeping secrets from her.

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Lying Game




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