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Night of the Living Dead

Texas. Ted walks Sutton into her interview. He gives her the sweetest dad talk ever, which is completely bittersweet for Emma since all the wonderful things he's saying aren't really about her. Ted's phone rings. It's Alec. Emma excuses herself, and Ted can't help mentioning that "Sutton" has been freaked out by Alec's intensity. He tells him to take it down a notch. Alec's other line rings, so he says goodbye to Ted and switches over. Dan tells him they had "company" during their trailer altercation.

Mercer house. Kristin is attempting the impossible task of consoling a bawling Laurel.

College interview. The admissions officer says the uptick in Sutton's grades has made a huge difference in her chances for getting in. Before this semester, she was a long shot even with her athletic ability and legacy status. She wonders what changed, asking, "Who is Sutton Mercer, and how did she get to where she is today?" Emma sums up Sutton's spoiled, solipsistic existence up to that point, then segues into her own story about getting a second chance and embracing it to the fullest. She says she feels like she's living a dream and promises to do anything to hang on to it.

That night, Ted and "Sutton" return home, triumphant about the day. Ted wonders where Laurel is, and Kristin breaks the news about her split with Justin. Emma runs in to check up on Laurel while Kristin brings Ted up to speed that Laurel is most upset because she thinks Justin's keeping something from her. In Laurel's room, she's saying much the same to "Sutton." She adds that she thinks it might have something to do with Ted. "Sutton" insists that Laurel find a private place to talk with Justin so she can hear his side of the story. She thinks he owes Laurel that much. Laurel still feels terrible but appreciates "Sutton's" support.

The next morning, Emma is at the club with Ethan, and they're both freaking out that they can't get in touch with Thayer. She's extra-spooked because of her nightmare. She thinks the Mercers deserve to know if Sutton is actually missing and/or dead.

Then we have the third abrupt shift in time and mood in a row as Emma sits with Char and Mads at Char's house. She's suddenly upbeat as she comforts Char about leaving for her dad's house. Char and Mads get ultra-dramatic with a quote from Fiddler on the Roof. Emma stares at them blankly, and they have to remind her about the middle school production of the musical they were all in together. The funny memory turns sad when Mads mentions Char's mom. Rebeccannie interrupts the sobfest to take Char to her dad's.

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Lying Game




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