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When We Dead Awaken

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Night of the Living Dead

Man, this episode is disjointed. The next cut is a bit later when Rebeccannie arrives to the Mercers' house. Kristin greets her with a broad smile like nothing has happened. The ladies head to the living room where Rebeccannie unloads about the Char situation. She says she wanted to stay with Char so badly but couldn't ignore her father's wishes. "I mean, I couldn't just take someone else's child. Who does that?" Oh! A punch in the gut to adoptive mom Kristin. She ignores the dig and tells Rebeccannie she's doing the right thing. Rebeccannie insists, "That really means a lot coming from you." Kristin casts her a wary look.

Elsewhere, Ted is on the phone with Alec and freaking out about his wife's developing closeness with Rebeccannie. Alec insists it's better they're friendly rather than awkward and says that people can change. His call waiting beeps. He looks at the ID -- Dowinger Psychiatric Clinic -- and basically hangs up on Ted.

Club. Laurel finds Justin to ask him what went wrong. Justin acts like a supreme jerk, telling her he was actually letting her down easy, then flashing a big bag of food from the grill to imply that he's got a date up in his room. She walks away, hangdog, and he heads up to his empty room, clearly upset about the lying he has to do for an as-yet-unclear reason. He spies the mysterious gold-and-black box and kicks it across the room angrily. It lands next to a pile of papers, on top of which is a sheet reading "State of California Autopsy Report." So are we to believe that Ted is somehow responsible for Justin's parents' death? Or is Justin just lashing out after the reminder of his mother? I'm seeing lots of dots, very little connection.

Over at the Whitehorse shack, Emma tells Ethan that, on the college trip, she couldn't help fantasizing about taking over Sutton's life forever. She realizes now that was a sick, crazy thought. She wonders, "What happened to us? It's like our moral compass just... snapped." Ethan insists none of this is her fault, but she's not so sure. Just then, Thayer drives up and gets out of the car with a grave look on his face. He tells them he thinks Sutton is dead and says he thinks he knows who killed her. He goes through his mental process, telling them he realized the twins' birth mother would have the most to lose if the truth came out. He followed the trail of the art gallery addresses Sutton was visiting several weeks back and found out that one of them was a psych clinic. He called them and learned of Annie's breakout. He apologizes for telling Emma this way, but she says she had twintuition about it and realizes once and for all that she has to tell the Mercers the truth.

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Lying Game




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