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When We Dead Awaken

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Night of the Living Dead

The guys join her as she walks into an empty house. They head into Sutton's room as the horrible news still sinks in. Ethan and Thayer each give personal mini-eulogies for Sutton, Ethan citing her vibrancy and unpredictability, Thayer admit he fell in love with Sutton at first sight back in second grade. As they pour one out for their homey, Ted is elsewhere deep in thought and drowning his troubles in Scotch, and Justin is burning the box o' mystery. Back in Sutton's room, Emma recalls the first time she heard Sutton's voice, how she felt an "electric charge" at knowing her twin. She regrets not knowing Sutton as well as Ethan and Thayer did, supposing they would have been inseparable if they'd gotten to know each other better. She tells them, "Thank you for sharing your friends and your family with me," then looks at Ethan: "You've really changed my life."

They have only been sitting in mournful silence a split-second before Sutton opens the porch door and enters the room with a smug smile on her face. "Well isn't this cozy?" She sees the horrified looks on their faces and asks snidely, "I'm sorry. Have I come at a bad time?" They stand and look at her, in stunned disbelief, as a devilish smile lights on her face.

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Lying Game




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