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Good Night and Good Luck

Ken's on his way out when Paul catches him and apologizes for being a "bear" lately, saying that he competes with so many people at the firm, and he didn't know he was competing with him too. Ken: "You lost." He leaves, and Paul turns with a "You BITCH!" look on his face. Too bad Sal wasn't around to appreciate it.

Pete comes home to find dinner on the table, and Trudy serves him a drink and informs him that Charlie came by that afternoon, and he's going to get Pete published -- for a forty-dollar fee, in Boys' Life magazine. Pete is less than thrilled, so Trudy bites out that she could have gotten him in The New Yorker. Pete has the gall to ask why she didn't, openly admitting that getting his talking-bear story published is worth whoring out his wife, and that's not lost on Trudy, as she asks how he could do that to her. Pete doesn't respond, because what possible answer could he have?

At dinners where people have yet to lose their appetites, Betty talks about their dates to visit her dad in Cape May. She expresses her regret that Don will be stuck in the office in August, but smiles that she liked Peggy. "She's fresh." They dance lightly around that subject for a moment, but then Don tells Betty he might have to head back to the office that night. There's some momentary ambiguity as you think he might be heading to Midge's...

...but then we see it's Adam on his mind, as, in his study, he takes a Zippo and burns the photograph Adam sent him. He thinks for a while, lighting a cigarette in the process, but then picks up the note...

...and then someone's banging on Adam's door, telling him he has a call. Adam goes out into the hallway and is delighted to hear that Don wants to see him that night, although he ignores the obvious steel in Don's voice. Adam tries to find out where he's coming from, and says he doesn't even know what Don drinks. Don: "Whatever you have." He hangs up, takes out a key, and unlocks a drawer in his bureau. He then takes out a satchel and opens it, and the camera switches to a low angle so we can't see what's in the now-unlocked drawer. Maybe I had Match Point in my unconscious, but I freely admit I thought it was a gun when I first saw this. But we'll find out soon enough... Don shows up at Adam's door. Adam opens up and tells Don how happy he is that he changed his mind, and apologizes for the shabbiness of the place, saying that it's hopefully temporary. Don, however, tells Adam that he has a life, and it only goes in one direction -- forward. Adam offers Don some gin, but he requests coffee. Adam, if you don't know something's wrong now, it just goes to show how little you really know him. Don postpones the kill, repeating what Adam told him about Abigail and Uncle Mack being gone, and noting that Adam is all alone. Adam too-easily agrees, and then says that he figures Don must be pretty important, what with the award he won and all. Don unconvincingly says he guesses so, and Adam smiles that everyone always said Don was too smart for his own good, although Uncle Mack thought he was soft. "But you're not, are you?" Don agrees that he isn't, and reaches for the satchel, and of course I thought that Adam was going to get a bullet to the heart here. Which would have been less painful than what actually happens. Don in fact produces a large sum of cash, and puts it on the table next to him. He tells Adam it's five grand (nice play on the "5G" apartment number), and he should take it, leave New York, and never contact Don again. Adam doesn't want that, but Don tells him that's all he can do for him. He starts to leave as he tells Adam that he should go back to thinking he's dead, and Adam starts to cry as he asks where he should go. Don puts a hand on his shoulder and says that with five grand, he can make his own life. "I have too much here." Adam's face breaks, and he collapses into Don, who at least manages to hold him for a while without looking like he's counting the seconds. He finally does break the embrace, tells Adam it's going to be okay, and leaves. We see him walking toward us down the long hallway, mission now accomplished...

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