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A Little Kiss, Part I

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When we return, some redheaded old friend of Megan's is recalling their days as waitresses to her and Don and then she vacates her spot so Peggy and Abe can join them. Despite what seems like a warm greeting from Megan, the conversation immediately stalls, so Peggy says she wanted to make sure they said hi, because she can't stay -- she has to go redo the Heinz pitch. Don's eyes narrow and Megan looks freaked, but Peggy's vision is apparently too blurry at this point to take this in, so she plows on, "But I guess you know that." The sad thing is I don't think she even meant any offense, but that doesn't stop Megan from leading Don away with a hurt look on her face. Even Abe, no master of the social graces, is like, WTF was that. But as a good boyfriend should, he doesn't dwell on it and gives her a kiss instead. Aw. Cute!

Okay, I feel like this coming scene already made the internet explode, so there's not much point in dwelling on it: Megan announces that she has her own present to give Don, pushes him into a chair and, with backup from the band, gives Don the musical analogue of a lap dance in the form of "Zou Bisou Bisou," which the show has apparently already released as a single and, as much as I love Mad Men, if you spent money on that I think it's time to take a long, hard look at yourself. I mean, I've read the lyrics and still have no idea what a Zou Bisou is; it seems like the French sixties equivalent of "Zig-a-zig-ah." The point, I suppose, is that Megan represents the freewheeling new sixties and since Don is one of the only ones at the party who A) still dresses like he used to and B) isn't having fun, you wonder how this match is going to work out. To be fair, Don does seem to be enjoying most of the performance; he'd just obviously be more comfortable without the hooting, appreciative throngs surrounding him. Off to the side, Roger asks Jane why she doesn't sing like that, prompting her icily to ask, "Why don't you look like him?" Heh. Roger then inserts himself into the spotlight... I mean, "makes a toast," and then Megan invites everyone to dance, even getting Don on his feet...

...but later, with the guests gone, Don enters the bedroom and flops face down on the bed. Megan sits next to him and asks if he had fun, but sullenness has taken hold, although at first he does merely say he simply wants to go to sleep. However, she's not taking that for a satisfactory answer, so he blearily rolls over and asks if she could refrain from spending money on efforts to embarrass him. She thinks he's merely upset because he's forty, but he points out that he's been forty for half a year already. If you think that means that Dick Whitman is six months older than Don Draper, you're absolutely right. And what's more, that means he's told Megan about his history, which certainly is interesting. Don admits that he doesn't like birthday celebrations -- he never had one growing up and has never wanted one since. Honestly, he's being perfectly reasonable given that he apparently didn't keep these wishes a secret and also he's drunk and tired and LET THE MAN GO TO SLEEP GIRL. So when she keeps on at him for what seems like forever, I can't blame him when he tells her he's going to sleep and she can do what she wants. She looks terribly hurt and I'm touched that she's so accepting of his Dick Whitman-ness, but honestly, take a hint. Anyway, she leaves him and heads back out to the living room and then, after surveying the debris from the party, heads out to look over the balcony as melancholy music plays. I mean, this is true of this show in general, but if ever anything called for a "#FirstWorldProblems," it's this.

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