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A Little Kiss, Part I

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Surprise? SCDP. That middle-aged secretary who's worked for Roger for ages holds up a finger to shush him while she's on the phone and when she's off, it's apparent she doesn't work solely for him anymore, as when he asks who was on the call, she snaps, "Really?" Heh. Roger apparently missed a staff meeting, the remains of which are evidenced by Bertram sitting in the conference room reading the paper. I'm thrilled to see Bertram still here, in more ways than one, so I guess I can't begrudge the show having had him kind-of-quit at the end of last season, just in case he was, um, unavailable for this one. (I mean, the man is eighty, and I appreciate the need for contingency plans.) Roger then pays the woman fifty bucks to sit in front of his office instead of Don's for a while and I didn't know how much more irrelevant Roger could get in the post-Lee Garner Jr. era, but the fact that she pockets the money and doesn't move tells you all you need to know.

I do enjoy the show's reliance on extreme close-ups to kick scenes off, but the camera jammed all up in Joan's kid's bare bottom is an exception. However, it's nice to see Joan cooing over him as she applies lotion; also nice is that her mother is staying with her, particularly so since she's played by Christine Estabrook, whom I thoroughly enjoyed as Marcy the ever-cursed real estate agent on American Horror Story. After a little snittery, Joan -- who looks fabulous even completely disheveled -- admits she hasn't slept, and after a bit more back-and-forth of that particular kind that only mothers and daughters can produce, Ma Holloway goes to grab some money out of Joan's purse, as the baby's formula is getting low. Forget the immuno-benefits of breast-feeding -- I cannot believe Joan is not taking the opportunity to relieve some of the pressure on her GIANT BAZOOMS. You can't see them as well with her wearing pajamas and a robe, but I've seen the second part of the episode and trust me, she could hire herself out to an entire hospital nursery. Ma Holloway returns with Joan's purse, out of which she fishes a ten, whereupon Joan inquires, "You buying his formula or yours?" I have the sneaking suspicion they had the baby drink formula just for the sake of that line, and I can't say I entirely disapprove. Ma Holloway makes up for her freeloading alcoholism, however, by offering to take the kid ("Kevin" is his name, by the way, and while I'm up, Ma Holloway is "Gail") with her, and Joan practically collapses in gratitude. Well, that is until Gail and Kevin leave, at which point the collapse onto the bed becomes quite literal.

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