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A Little Kiss, Part I

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Pete has just arrived in his office when Ken, Peggy, and Stan come in for their Monday morning conference. After Peggy apple-polishes that she was in the office over the weekend, Pete asks if they're all prepared for the Heinz presentation and the answer is yes, save for a worksheet on coupons that "Mrs. Draper" apparently owes them. Well, so much for the idea that they'd be divorced before the season even started, but that does of course mean that Joan was absolutely right when she predicted that Don would make Megan a copywriter. Not that Joan being awesome is a surprise, but she's having a rough go of it at the moment and I want her to know that I still appreciate her. Pete asks if Don has signed off on their work, to which Peggy crisply replies that he's late. "And so is she, coincidentally." Pete gives an appropriately disgusted side-eye in response before trying and failing to get "Clara," his apparent secretary, on the intercom. Stan and Ken make fun of Megan in a French accent and you'll forgive me for saying that's not going to be the first time, while Pete looks like he needs aspirin and/or cocktails already before marching out into the hall...

...and chewing out Clara for indulging Roger's gross flirting instead of answering the buzzer and Roger, having checked out Pete's calendar, takes off just in advance of Don and Megan arriving. With a breezy apology for oversleeping, Megan heads off to wherever the hell she works, while Pete accompanies Don to the exterior of his office, whereupon the "floating" secretary unamusedly informs him that the status meeting was an hour earlier. Roger, sitting around reading the paper, asks if Don heard about "Y&R's paper-bag drop," so that's the firm with the busy, original executives, I suppose. Don grins goofily that he did, but Pete, progressive as he is, doesn't see the humor. Roger, however, is just glad that Y&R looks the laughingstock, given that they stole the Pond's account from SCDP, although I don't know how much "stealing" was necessary given that SCDP's focus group looked like they just watched Beaches by the end of it. Pryce then appears and suggests they "mosey on over" to the conference room, which is not lingo I would have expected from him before this chilling out of everyone (also, he later refers to Ken as "Kenny" instead of "Mr. Cosgrove"), but Roger is still on the Y&R subject and suggests they humiliate them further by running a fake want ad saying they're an equal opportunity employer. Surprisingly, no one sees how exquisitely this might backfire, although Pryce does wonder whether it's an effort on which it's worth spending money, but Roger offers to foot the bill himself, which can't be much of a surprise considering these days he's paying secretaries not to do his bidding. Pete steers them all to the subject of Heinz, prompting Don to ask "Caroline" (I knew that, it's been a while) to fetch Megan and the Heinz boards. Since they're on the subject, they run down the status report right there, with Roger saying he's having drinks with a client from Oldsmobile, who wants to know if there's a way around Nader. Pete: "There isn't." Awesome. The meeting takes less than two minutes, after which Pete asks Don if he can have a private word, but is rebuffed in favor of Don withdrawing into his office with Megan, who at least is carrying the Heinz boards to make it look good. Bertram then emerges from the conference room and tells Pete he needs the bathroom. "Do not begin this meeting without me." If that's his attitude, I'm guessing he's not going to be too thrilled about them ending it without him. Pete asks Caroline when Don is next free...

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