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...a question that may be tough to answer, given that Don is pawing Megan and suggesting they lock the door. Well if nothing else, that's a way to get Caroline to move to Roger's station. To Megan's credit, she puts him off and moves to leave so she can show Peggy the coupons, but not before flashing him some cleavage at his request. Pete then takes the opportunity to enter, idly remarking that Don has nothing on his calendar before asking what client Don would want if he can have any in the world. Don doesn't hesitate in replying that it would be American Airlines, "because they stood us up," which is apparently the answer Pete expected. However, it turns out Pete came at the problem from the other side, as he wondered who would have that feeling about SCDP and came up with Mohawk Airlines, who has not been doing well since SC cut them loose. Don's not exactly super-jazzed at the news, perhaps understandably once he got his mind on American, but Pete tells him he's meeting with them that day and he thinks Don should drop by. Don amends the plan to him joining for the second meeting, should there be one, and Pete is fine with that. Don ushers Pete out and then barks for some coffee and I didn't realize this when I wrote the above but Caroline is now sitting by Roger's office, and oh my God how I missed this show.

Peggy walks into Megan's office (she's sharing with Stan) and is like, "Oh Megan, you're here," but Megan doesn't acknowledge anything unusual, instead handing over her coupons. Peggy briskly makes her changes and then hands them to Stan, who trots off with a winsome smile and an insouciant comment and I would never have guessed how much I love having him around. Megan then asks Peggy for her opinion about something, prompting Peggy to babble about coupons and how she used to do them and how they're too important to the client and whatever, but Megan's like, your coupon issues are boring me -- tomorrow, June 1st, is Don's birthday. Peggy beats herself up a bit for having forgotten, throwing in an apology for "still" not having gotten the Drapers a wedding present, but that's not what's on Megan's mind -- she's throwing Don a surprise party on Saturday. Peggy's like, oh I see, and then her face goes as tight as when she learned of Don and Megan's nuptials when she asks, "For Don?" Hee. She tries to soften things a bit by opining that all men hate surprises, but Megan's like, you haven't seen my parties. "Everyone's gonna go home from this and they're gonna have sex." Well, you can't accuse her of not taking a personal stake in that idea. Peggy still looks like she needs a laxative to work against this news, but gives in: "Sounds like fun for us, at least." Heh. Megan then hands over her guest list, saying she went through Don's Rolodex and crossed out all the clients "and everyone he's fired." I'd point out there's overlap between those two groups, but you know about Mohawk already. Peggy offers that Freddy Rumsen doesn't come to parties anymore before saying that Megan has to invite Harry, but the way Megan screws up her face in response gets me on her side before she even explains that Don really doesn't like him. Peggy's both surprised and pleased to hear the gossip and Megan, equally conspiratorially, disavows being the source of the information. After getting a yes for Frank Keller, Don's accountant, Megan then asks about "Herman Phillips" and Peggy, without looking up, explains that's Duck before we hear some pointed work from her pen crossing his name out. Hee. I could watch these two discuss the guest list all day, but once they're done, Peggy asks which birthday it is and Megan mouths in response that it's his fortieth. Peggy makes an "eek" face in response, but if I looked like Don, I'd brag about my age to anyone who'd listen.

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