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A Little Kiss, Part II

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Equal Opportunity Idiot

Some Euro-looking guy is holding Kevin in his arms as Gail giggles appreciatively and tells "Apollo" (yikes) that he's so good with him; Joan then enters and responds to the tableau with an absolutely filthy look. I want to know what's going through her mind, because that glare made Megan look thrilled with Stan by comparison. Seems like this guy's the super, as he tells her the sink is draining, and in tones more measured that I would have expected from her entrance, she takes Kevin and tells Apollo she appreciates his hard work, but she and Gail have lots to attend to. Gail tries to intervene and get Apollo to stay, but he sensibly has no wish to get involved in a Holloway mother-daughter spat, so he vacates the premises, leaving Joan to tell Gail off for letting Apollo hold the baby. "His fingers have been in every toilet from here to the Bowery." Joan accuses her mother, almost in so many words, of wanting Apollo to [insert your own plumbing joke here], and Gail replies that she only wanted to be sure "this apartment" got his attention. Joan: "This apartment has never had any trouble getting his attention." Hee. Gail replies that Joan's not exactly at her fighting weight, and Joan's right there again: "Try me." How have we done without Holloway mother-daughter snittery up until now, I ask you? Joan adds that Gail can take off any time (adding "I got my money's worth," and OUCH), but Gail has an ace up her sleeve as she shows Joan the fake SCDP "equal opportunity employer" ad, which does not look particularly fake to the casual eye. Joan tries to reason her way through this, pointing out that the ad isn't in the classifieds and also that SCDP can't afford more people, but the second part of her argument backfires, as Gail concludes: "It's not more people. It's you." Joan lets us know that Megan invited her to the party (and given the built-in babysitter, I'm a little surprised she declined, but maybe she felt awkward going alone), but Gail points out that it was at the last minute, and suggests that Megan wanted to get Joan out of SCDP so she'd be away from Don. Joan, unable to completely disbelieve it on an emotional level, says she's going to lie down, but Gail can't leave it alone: "Sometimes life makes decisions for you." Well, Joan, when you decide to stab your mother with a hatpin, I hope you remember to blame life.

Masters and Johnson have finally arrived, with Megan measuring every resentful step and barely grunting a reply when Don bemusedly tells her to have a good day. When Don arrives at his desk, he finds Caroline with a potted plant and awkward but sincere birthday wishes, and Don thanks her, but his attention is taken by Roger, who comes toward him dancing and singing "Frère Jacques," even twirling and sticking out his ass in the process. Given the way his morning's going, I have a lot more sympathy for Don coming in late. After Caroline tells Don there's a partners' meeting in Pete's office and heads into Don's to deposit her gift, Roger shows Don the ad, but Don is in no mood, and before they head to the meeting, he sternly tells Roger, "We don't make fun of each other's wives here." I wonder if he's talking about the office in general or just the two of them, because even they know their two wives are the top candidates. Roger, however, says he was merely ribbing Don for being happy, which I can believe, especially when he adds that he wants Don to be happy. "Somebody should be." Don begrudgingly lets go of his anger, and the two of them head off...

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