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A Little Kiss, Part II

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Equal Opportunity Idiot

Meredith escorts Joan in, and Joan gives Clara a fairly frosty reception but Caroline a much warmer one, as you'd expect. Don is the next to appear-and-greet, it says something about how charming Joan finds Don that he makes a joke about not hiring and she positively melts in response. If Clara had tried that there's be a sticklike body standing there with no head attached. Megan then walks into view, and since no one notices at first she tries to make an escape, but hilariously runs into Harry and has to double back, at which point Joan catches sight of her and calls a hello. Megan does not have much of a poker face, as she walks over and gives Joan a stilted greeting, and when Joan apologizes for missing the party and asks how it was. Megan ignores the question in favor of saying how adorable Kevin is. She happily holds him for a bit as Don casts an appraising eye in her direction, and Joan singsongs that it's just a matter of time. Of course, this is not the time to discuss such things, so Megan scurries off; if anyone notices how steadfastly she failed to acknowledge her husband (the only one I'd expect to catch that is Joan), they wisely keep the observation to themselves.

Clara asks when Joan is coming back, and she says she was planning on three weeks -- she just needs to hire a girl. Peggy then appears, followed by Roger, who takes Kevin and gives him a long look, probably searching for his own features. Pryce then buzzes impatiently for Scarlett, so Roger hands Kevin back to Caroline and answers in falsetto that Mrs. Harris is there to see him. Pryce, taken aback, asks for Joan to be sent in, and then Roger commands Caroline to do something, so Peggy gets to practice her receiving skills as Caroline hands Kevin to her. Peggy looks panicked, but there's nowhere to hide, and at least Pete doesn't choose this moment to make an appearance.

Pryce sincerely tells Joan how happy he is to see her, but Joan, having heard nothing to assure her that she still has a place at SCDP, looks loaded for bear. She does consent to take a seat, but Pryce, if you know what's good for you I'd keep your distance.

Peggy wheels Kevin into the open work area and asks Megan what "they" are supposed to with him, but Megan and the dark cloud over her head are unhelpful, and then the show can resist no longer as Pete enters and gives a hilariously bewildered look Peggy's way. After explaining that this is not their child but Joan's, she asks him to take Kevin back to his mother, and after making an obligatory sexist comment, he agrees.

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