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Women On The Verge Of Kicking Some Ass

Father Gill gushes about the wonder of the Xerox machine before telling Peggy that they all know how lucky they are to have her working for them. After she thanks him, though, he wrestles with something for a few moments, and then asks her if there's anything she needs to talk about, as he's noticed she doesn't take communion (which I'm guessing among Catholics at that time was extremely rare). Peggy plasters on a smile and says no, but he counters that God already knows what it is. Peggy: "Well, then, I don't need to talk." Heh. He presses the point, so she has to tell him that she doesn't think he'd understand. "You don't have to live life like the rest of us. Maybe you're lucky." He tells her, however, that by distancing herself from the church, she's distancing herself from everything. "That's why it's called communion. It's not just being with God -- it's being with people." She denies pushing people away, but when he tells her that no sin is too big to bring to God, her armor seems like it's cracking. He drives it home: "Do you feel you don't deserve His love?" She regards him for a long moment with a look so desperate and lonely that it could shake you to your soul, and is about to say something, but then looks at the Xerox machine and goes back into her shell. "Your copies are done." He allows her to get away with this, simply thanking her and telling her he'll see her on Sunday. When he's gone, she looks small.

Betty's trying to get back to the routine of being a good wife and mother, checking on something in the oven and then sitting down in the living room with the kids. Just then, however, Jimmy's Utz commercial comes on. Something unreasoning looks like it's rising in her, and I get the same feeling when I see Jimmy but I think this is a different story.

Don and Duck are continuing their newfound love affair when Don gets buzzed that Betty's on the line. Duck skedaddles, and when Don answers the phone, Betty gets right to it. "Don't come home. I don't care what you do; I just don't want you here." Stunned, he says her name, but she firmly tells him she doesn't want to see him, and hangs up. I know this is serious, but considering all that the women have been through in this episode, I hope cheering isn't too unseemly. Betty determinedly gets back to her household duties...

...while Don just stands in the same spot, eventually managing to hang up the phone. Good thing he's buddies with Duck now -- he can get some tips about the finer points of being booted by your wife.

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