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Women On The Verge Of Kicking Some Ass

Joan undresses at home. She sits on the bed and massages her own shoulder...

...while Peggy sits in the bathtub, trying not to let her face shatter into a million pieces...

...and Father Gill finishes up a smoke, takes off his vestments, and sits on his bed and plays the guitar. He sings Peter, Paul, and Mary's "Early In The Morning," and it's a nice little touch that he and Joan and Peggy all disrobed to some degree for this scene, as they're showing us stuff that's underneath...

...but as the song continues, we cut to Don, who doesn't get to undress tonight, which is fitting, because no one ever sees who he is. He takes a Heineken out from the break room refrigerator, opens it, and sits at the table, and it's another brilliant irony that the beer, which they strove to link to marital harmony and bliss, is now the only thing to keep him company after being the catalyst for the possible end of his marriage. As the camera pulls back for a wider shot of the office, with Don almost an afterthought in the corner, the music changes from Colin Hanks's voice to the actual Peter, Paul, and Mary recording, and we go to closing credits.

In case you didn't know, the show is taking a break this Sunday so viewers can watch the Emmys, but it will be back in a week for what looks like another amazing episode. See you then!

John Ramos is a writer and producer living in Los Angeles. You can reach him at

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